Thursday Thoughts: Accepting My Body

I like my body. I like the way my waist goes in. I like the way my bum curves round. I like my legs. In fact, I love my legs. They carry me and take me places. My calves look slender when I wear heels. My stomach may not be toned but I like it. I check myself out when I walk past a window and give the woman looking back at me a grin and a high five. And it's about bloody time!


#STUDENTLIFE: Summer Struggles

It has been waaay too long since I did one of these. And yes I know, you're thinking, what, but Katie, Uni is over for the summer! It's time to relax and celebrate! Uh-hu. I'm sure it is. Except one thing...we're still broke.
And even more student loan until September.

Summer for a student can either be the best time or the not so best time. I am staying in Stirling while everyone else has gone home and my holiday away has been and gone. What now? I'm skinto and uni isn't even there to give me something to do!My heart sunk when I got my last SAAS payment this month. If you're smart (like me-don't mean to boast) you should have kept some money back from the big chunk we get at the start of the year, that could cover at least another month's rent. You only have to worry about another 4 months of rent to find (ahahhaha *dies inside*). But if you got carried away with seeing the pennies in you're bank, like we all do, this summer might be a little concerning. Especially if you're not one of the students who goes back home.
I had a little panic about what I would do do recently, but after a few deep breaths, cups of tea and plenty of biscuits, I have come up with solutions to put minds at ease.


Catch Up With a Cuppa

I don't often do these sort of 'catch up/life lately' posts but I feel like after a week away and blogging about events, I have become sort of disconnected from my blog. It happens! So how about a catch up? Grab a cuppa and I've got the biscuits.


Ultimo Styling. Ultimo Fun

It has taken me a few years to appreciate my smaller assets...or should I say boobettes. I'm not a chesty girl and underwear has proven to be a tricky one to master. Like, why are bra straps so long? #shortandsmallproblems. Yet, I have learnt to appreciate the smaller things in life and they still deserve to be dressed in something pretty, right? Luckily me, my two little friends and a few of the Edinburgh Blogger gang were invited to House of Frasers, Jenners to have a look at the new Ultimo lingerie range and style one of their new lines as part of the trend 'underwear and outerwear'.


I Dream Of Shapes and Scottish Bloggers

I formally invite you to gaze upon the magic that is I Dream Of Shapes. Created by Samantha Bowie and Lorna Mackie, this new independent clothing label combines inspirations from both Edinburgh and Berlin to create unique sillouetes with unique tailoring. A group of Scottish Bloggers were invited to the studio at Flamingosauraus Rex to check out the new lines and show them off.  And the most exciting part? They will be sold at the new Flamingosaurus Rex art and design studio opening in Bruntsfield which is having a launch night on Friday 13th May.
A new season, a new brand, new shop all calls for you to invest in something completely new and fresh.


Nandos' New Summer Scran

As the sun made an appearance across Scotland this week, we got very excited about the prospect of sun tans and open toe shoes. But what made us more excited? Nando's is releasing their new Spring/Summer menu and me and Sophie from  were given the chance to try it out. How can I turn down a cheeky Nandos? (That's the last time I'll use that phrase, I promise).


The Power Of Perseverance

As my first year of University is drawing to an end, I find myself reflecting over the past 10 months. I feel a change within myself, a shift in perspective and wants.