Is feminism just a fashion trend?

It has become a buzzword in pop culture. With the likes of Taylor swift, Kim Kardashain and Lena Dunham throwing the word about in Instagram posts and interviews, more and more people have become aware of the newest wave of feminism. The F word has poured into our high streets with Topshop and Zara and H&M “celebrating” women empowerment and feminism. But is having it across your chest really the best thing for feminism?

James Corden, shut up or stand up.

James Corden,

You have no right to stand there and throw cheap jokes at the expense of those hurt by Harvey Weinstein. While you have the platform to say what you want, those preyed on had their lips stitched shut. What you have is

#StudentLife: Top Tips For Freshers.

Freshers Week is here. Apple sour shots will be necked, the LAD chants will be loud and the freshers' flu will surely strike. These are just some of the things that first year students can expect in their first week experiencing student life. Naturally I have taken this opportunity to relaunch my #studentlife series where I will be sharing advice I have learnt, coping tips, shopping tips and sometimes a good old classic rant about uni. We're all in this together, right?

Am I an adult yet?

It is officially 20 days before I turn 23.


Remember when we were 12 and people in their 20's had their life together and How did they do that? At what age are we meant to feel like adults?

Love From, Budapest.

Budget friendly cider, cheap wine and old wet people. Budapest is growing to be a popular holiday destination for the culture seekers, the history nerds, the stags, the hens and the city breakers. We wanted it all. And we only had 4 days.
Budapest oozes personality. It has a fascinating, old war filled history that has left marks and influenced the city’s architecture. In 1873 the three districts, Buda, Obuda and Pest united as one and became a thriving city. Despite battling civil wars, German occupation in WWII and communist regimes pushed by Russia, the city now offers great tours, museums, walks up the great green Buda hills, tranquil islands and a jumping night-life.

Tips on Self Care

Relaxing is an art form. Not everyone can truly master the ‘zen’-the absolute mindless, guilt free, box set watching while melting back into the mattress after 10 hours of sleep.
Okay, a lot of people can do it.
But do a lot of people appreciate it?

Is Sharing Really Caring?

Have we lost the ability to experience a coffee or a holiday for ourselves and not for the likes and social media gain?
You know that episode of Black Mirror with the smart phone and the woman is automatically rating people even when she doesn’t have the gadget? That’s what my future looks like. And I'll probably snapchat it.