Skin care routine for lazy people

Skin care. It’s the buzzword for all beauty gurus and apparently it’s like the equivalent of coconut oil. It can do anything. A good skin care routine can change your life. Apparently. But if you’re like me and can’t be bothered with the oils, face masks, serums, toner and moisturiser made from gold-and that’s before your daily moisturiser and cup of coffee-I have the lazy skin care routine that keeps dry skin away.

Moving flat and keeping my sanity

Did you know moving flat is up there as the most stressful things along with divorce? It’s a thing. It is the sort of thing that I put off until about 4 days from the move out date and then I panic pack.

Love from, Amsterdam

Everyone knows someone who has been to Amsterdam in the last 6 months. It's the hot spot right now, a melting pot of all walks of life have been drawn to the city. And why wouldn't they? "There's always something to do!" I was told. Almost sceptical of the popular city hype, I wanted to see for myself. And almost not even making it to Holland, made me crave it even more. 

Are we running out of time?

God I just don’t have the time! Where has the time gone? How are we already nearly in April? Do you ever feel that you are stuck? That you are just running out of time?

Live Review: Franz Ferdinand

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Returning with a new album, Always Ascending, Franz Ferdinand prove that they still are here for the party at their homecoming gig.

Tried and tested: Sex-proof make up

Love it or hate it, Valentines day is coming. For some, like myself-it's just another commercialised driven day that really means nothing but sickly sweet cards and annoying facebook posts that I avoid at all costs. However, it can also be a day just to spend in bed with another human or a galentines day with your besties which goes from a "wee drink and lunch" to cutting some shapes in some sticky floor night club. And you're going to want make up that lasts no matter what.

How to sleep better.

Sleeping has always been difficult for me, for as long as I can remember. Since becoming a student, it has only became harder with late night parties and course work stress. In my first year of college I was suffering with insomnia which likes to make a come back in stressful times. Then you have the whole working in bar thing-not getting back home till 3 and sleeping until 12. You don't have your mum telling you it's "lights off" and just one more episode seems totally acceptable when you have a 9am lecture.
Let's face it, having a reasonable sleeping pattern in your twenties is tough job. But I might have the answer...