Edinburgh's Foodies Festival Competition*

Food, glorious food!  

We are a nation that love food and loves trying food from different cultures. Luckily for us, the Foodies Festival is coming to Edinburgh from the 5-7th of August. Foodies Festival is recognised as the second best celebration for food and drink, and with that Edinburgh's Foodies Festival offers a vast amount of fun to get involved in.
With top chefs showing off their skills, insights and holding a Q&A with the audience, a drinks theatre celebrating fine champagne and craft beer, street food, live music and so much more; you will easily find something that takes your fancy.
You can find the whole agenda here 

images from Lanyard Media

So because you don't want FOMO, I am holding a competition to win 2 tickets to the festival, for any day.

You can win 2 ways; comment below your favourite food or hop on over to my twitter and simply follow and retweet. Do both for a better chance. 

The winner will be selected at random and closes on the 3rd August.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

*The competition is kindly sponsored but my excitement for food and the festival is very much real. 


Thursday Thoughts: Summer's Sexualisation

Okay, so we may not have had the summer that we were hoping for. But we had some good days. Summer is the time when we can ditch the jumpers and opt for a t shirt, dress or shorts, a little less clothing. Like, it's hot out there, and especially those from Scotland, we can't handle it too well. There's one more thing I can't handle in the summer...the wolf whistles, the cat calls and the sexualised comments that are made as I walk into town in my skirt and crop top.


Pokémon Go! And So They Went.

No one likes being a third wheel. It's awkward and can sometimes be lonely. I am currently a third wheel as my friends are gripping to their love of their lives AKA their Pokémon.


Listen Up! Johannesburg. Album Review.

Does anyone else get a sense of excitement when a band appear on the radio or spotify after a dormant period?

Imagine this, I'm sitting in front of my mirror concentrating on my winged eyeliner (not triangles on the side of my face, as my nana calls them, wings) and I hear a familiar voice come from my laptop. Eyeliner comes to a halt. It can very much wait.


Dear Media, Don't Tell Me What To Wear

I was mindlessly scrolling through facebook, quickly passing by the #blessed beach selfies and the generic click bait articles until one click bait image forced me to stop and eye roll.
Underneath a suggestive photo of a man and a woman, the tagline went something along the lines of; "What underwear should you be wearing for him? Hint. A thong. Always a thong".


Blogger's Block.

I think a lot of people go through it. You lie in bed one night, usually some silly hour in the early morning, mind bursting with ideas and plans for you little space on the internet. You wake up and suddenly the fresh day light has wiped clean your ideas and things in the morning, as per, are not as attractive as they were the night before.