Thursday Thoughts: Problematic Positivity

"Don't worry. Be happy"

I've lost count the amount of times people have said that to me as my mind reels off into a whirlwind of anxiety and worry. I take a deep breath and stretch a smile across my face. Keep positive and everything will be okay. That's the mantra that I took on for the past couple of years. I found myself wholly happy for the first time and wanted to keep that feeling forever. I avoided anything that could knock me back and tried to rise above any obstacle with my strong, overly positive attitude. That worked out...for a bit.

How To Fringe It In A Day

Time is of the essence. As Colin Cloud said in his mind blowing show, Expose (9pm at The Fringe), "We are all running out of time", so naturally when I am only through in Edinburgh for the day, I want to to get all the greatness that the Fringe Festival has to offer. I have been a strong supporter and go-er of this festival, the only festival I have not missed for the past 6 years and I'll say it, it's better than Christmas. It comes around once a year, the city is alive with everyone from all over the world, flyers fly towards you as you run and duck towards your next show and still, it's a festival you do not want to miss.

Finding My Vice: A Review

 Some smoke, some drink and I shop. Most recently my hand has been reaching out to make up over clothes as a form of retail therapy (seriously, that stuff works). I've been working hard and after a few rubbish days and not finding comfort in H&M, a new 'treat yo self' lipstick called my name. After reading Claire's review of Urban Decay lipsticks, I quickly found myself in Debenhams and already had an idea of my next lippy companion. It would be a therapeutic tool in the most calming pink shade.

#STUDENTLIFE: Grab A Grad Job*

No, I haven't graduated. I still have a long 3 years ahead, but that doesn't stop me from thinking about that wonderful moment of throwing the cap in the air. I am seeing the majority of people I went to school with graduate this year and as the novelty of caps and gowns wear off, the fear of finding a graduate job is begining to hit. Well you've worked so hard, partied harder, I suppose you'd want to do something with that degree right? So I've searched high and low and found some tips.

War And Peace

For weeks we have been begging for a summer and as soon we got it. All at once. The temperature in Stirling, scorched our un-expecting skin at 27 degrees. Typically British of me, I quickly dashed the shady areas of the town and complained it was too hot. There's no pleasing us is there? In fact, I have found myself complaining a lot recently.  Most recently the Trident debate had me riled up and I needed some fresh air. To be honest, I was in the right mind to get down to London to protest with the Stop The War campaigners but alas, I found slight comfort in my wardrobe and used what I had to show my stance on the situation. (Heads up, there's a tangent)

Edinburgh's Foodies Festival Competition* CLOSED

Food, glorious food!  

We are a nation that love food and loves trying food from different cultures. Luckily for us, the Foodies Festival is coming to Edinburgh from the 5-7th of August. Foodies Festival is recognised as the second best celebration for food and drink, and with that Edinburgh's Foodies Festival offers a vast amount of fun to get involved in.

Thursday Thoughts: Summer's Sexualisation

Okay, so we may not have had the summer that we were hoping for. But we had some good days. Summer is the time when we can ditch the jumpers and opt for a t shirt, dress or shorts, a little less clothing. Like, it's hot out there, and especially those from Scotland, we can't handle it too well. There's one more thing I can't handle in the summer...the wolf whistles, the cat calls and the sexualised comments that are made as I walk into town in my skirt and crop top.