Dear blog, it's time to talk

I know, it's been a while.

I almost forgot my login details. I forgot that I haven't updated my display picture to my latest short hair cut (yeah-short). I'm sorry that this little space on the internet has been dormant. I'm sorry I have been failing to get in touch with this little blog or even share your contents on twitter.

But it's not you. It's me.

The balance between work, education and social life is a hard one. An unequal one, where I haven't yet found a space for you. Strange, as I'm studying to be a writer, a journalist, and yet I'm struggling to write. I'm a writer who hasn't been writing. The mistake is wholly mine. I find myself caught up in late night drinking, last night lusting and early morning regrets. You're young, I attempt to justify myself as I miss another lecture or having to face a class with the stamp from the club on my wrist like it's Voldemort's dark mark. But this is at a cost. A cost of my other passion. The passion that actually keeps me going and doesn't leave in the morning. My writing. My yearn for success. And I'm ready to change.

I'm ready to focus on the course work and my development as a writer. And this is when I turn to you, little blog.

For the past three years, you have been there. You've held my thoughts, fashion and sponsored words, never leaving my mind. For that reason, I'm not ready to quit. It is time to change.
I'm pin-pointing my focus onto the words, my thoughts on society and the world we live in. Even before Little Kaatie's Little Thoughts was put into the world wide web, I wanted to make a change, make people think.  Therefore, my content will be shifting to these thoughts. My fashion posts will be few, sponsored posts will be fewer and my content, with hope, will be stronger.

It may take a while to get this where I want it, but all good things are worth the wait. I might write absolute awful posts that readers will quickly press the x to, but I may write something that might get someone to stay longer than 3 lines down. Who knows.

All I know is, dear blog, I'm here with my thoughts and I know you will wait for them. Together, this change will make us grow-metaphorically speaking of course.

I'll be your Galway Girl

"And I ask you, friend, what's a fella to do

Cause her hair was black and her eyes were blue

And I knew right then I'd be takin' a whirl

'Round the Salthill Prom with a Galway girl"

Aah Galway! You humbly sit in my top 3 favourite cities, with your narrow cobbled streets, a glistening harbour and traditional Irish buildings. The city is situated in the West of the Emerald Isle and during the summer the streets are alive with buskers as the tourists, students and locals huddle around between their shopping trips. Of course, I want to be a part of it.

Be Abnormal with Deciem Beauty*

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a beauty rut? Using the same products over and over again? My rut got shaken up with products from Deciem*, The abnormal beauty company*, leaving me thinking, how have I ever lived without them?

Fringe Thoughts: Aaand Now For Something Completely Improvised

I like to start my day off with a smile and a good laugh. A comedy show just before lunch time is perfect to get you into the swing of things on a Fringe day. I got into Edinburgh at 11am to catch Aaand Now For Something Completely Improvised at 11:45 and it was worth getting up at 8am for. Racing Minds is the theatre company behind this fun show and have strongly established themselves as a leading improv theatre group at the Edinburgh Fringe. 

The quintet hand over the control with the audience, involving us as soon as we step through the door. Welcoming us is the Butler who hands out sweets (the no sweets from strangers rule goes out the window), and Grandad trying to remember the characters of his storybook to read to his grandchildren. Over to the audience where, on this occasion, audience members named the book's antagonist Cedric, and it's set in Narnia (think copyright rule goes through the window too) and is secretly the 'love child of Donald Trump'.

Image from

Keeping to this skeleton of a plot, 4 actors, kept in time with live music from Dylan Townley, takes us on a unpredictable journey as they tell the story, switching characters and costumes with smart wit and questionably below the belt one liners. I don't know if it was the Trump influence, but in this case, there were a lot of political comments, showing they weren't afraid to show their stance or highlight controversial topics. As one of the actors kept bringing up Turkey in his jokes, the other actors awkwardly looked at each other until someone else interrupted by highlighting how they might end up in prison. The jokes then moved on to Trump himself which became a good catalyst for the turning point and, oddly enough, saviour of the day.

Jokes aside, the topics that were highlighted throughout proved an awareness of what has, and currently is going on in the world. Although they are a comedic group, they prove their intelligence, and an English degree in some cases, which gains my respect and gave the audience ‘food for thought’. Described as a ‘family show’, although they gave the adults lines to giggle at, the over the top, dislocated arm movements, from actor Daniel Roberts had the audience in tears as he knocked over the bit of the set.

The show is perfectly imperfect, and nor do they take them selves seriously, but they do guarantee a seriously good laugh and an enjoyable afternoon. No two will ever be the same and with every year they return to the Fringe, they are sure becoming one of the best improvisation groups to star.  

Thursday Thoughts: Problematic Positivity

"Don't worry. Be happy"

I've lost count the amount of times people have said that to me as my mind reels off into a whirlwind of anxiety and worry. I take a deep breath and stretch a smile across my face. Keep positive and everything will be okay. That's the mantra that I took on for the past couple of years. I found myself wholly happy for the first time and wanted to keep that feeling forever. I avoided anything that could knock me back and tried to rise above any obstacle with my strong, overly positive attitude. That worked out...for a bit.

How To Fringe It In A Day

Time is of the essence. As Colin Cloud said in his mind blowing show, Expose (9pm at The Fringe), "We are all running out of time", so naturally when I am only through in Edinburgh for the day, I want to to get all the greatness that the Fringe Festival has to offer. I have been a strong supporter and go-er of this festival, the only festival I have not missed for the past 6 years and I'll say it, it's better than Christmas. It comes around once a year, the city is alive with everyone from all over the world, flyers fly towards you as you run and duck towards your next show and still, it's a festival you do not want to miss.

Finding My Vice: A Review

 Some smoke, some drink and I shop. Most recently my hand has been reaching out to make up over clothes as a form of retail therapy (seriously, that stuff works). I've been working hard and after a few rubbish days and not finding comfort in H&M, a new 'treat yo self' lipstick called my name. After reading Claire's review of Urban Decay lipsticks, I quickly found myself in Debenhams and already had an idea of my next lippy companion. It would be a therapeutic tool in the most calming pink shade.