Cannes Film Festival 2014

It is one of my favourite times of the year, The Cannes Film Festival! I find it more exciting than the Oscars. It has been going for 67 years, everyone who is everyone, from all over the world, gets their gladrags on and walks down the red carpet show casing their talent in the French sun. 

Sadly it is invitation only and apparently I didn't make the cut. Pfft who needs them! 

 It is one of the most prestigious and publicised film festivals. Films, documentaries and short films are showcased.   It allows the A listers to have a catch up  while we gaze at the glorious fashion of the rich and famous. 

"ooh and aah"

I can't really say what my favourite look was, there were a lot of women and a lot of dresses. But my little collection is just a few that caught my eye. Blake, Lady in Red, shows off her assets with the thigh spit and just look at her tiny waist! Perfection! I love the richness of her red dress. It's glorious. Hilary Swank oozes elegance and if anyone is looking into a summer wedding, take a leaf out of her book. Clean, classic and stunning. The dress is oh so flattering on her shape. Dita Von Tease shows off her curves in such a pretty number. I am a girl who loves some floral patterns which is very on trend. Well done! Rosie Huntington's dress is so simple but the way it falls to the floor is gorgeous, it's like a waterfall. It's memorising.  

"Ooh and Aah some more at some others I like"

For me, Blake Lively stole the lime light every time she stepped out during the festival. I admit that I do have a soft spot for Miss Lively, I think she is perfect and like the real life Barbie. Ryan Reynolds is one lucky man. 

Maybe one day I'll be there. I will be in my Dior Dress, taking a selfie with Blake and chilling with Leonardo and Keira. 

I'm going to start working on my French. Just in case. 

For now, 

Au Revoir! 

Ebay: A student's best friend.

I have bought so many things over the years on Ebay. I often look online at retail stores and then find their clothes again on ebay at a discounted price. I love a bargain! But as I have finished college, SAAS has stopped and council tax and bills are creeping through my door. I have decided to embrace the other side of ebay. I'M SELLING! 

I'm testing my lists and photos on just 2 items right now and see how it goes. If I am a success I will put up more clothes. 

Have a gander...

Ebay away!

Channelling Audrey at Tiffany & Co

Channelling Audrey at Tiffany & Co

Forever New black flare dress
$47 -

Michael Kors black suede shoes
$140 -

Tiffany Co blue purse

Ray-Ban green glasses

Tiffany Co square box

Modern take on the classic look from the classic film. LBD is a must and statement jewellery is a given. Brighten up the look with a coloured jacket and clutch bag.

Audrey Hepburn is a massive inspiration to me in so many ways. Breakfast at Tiffany's is not my favourite film that she's done but it is, without a doubt, iconic. It is so aesthetically pleasing to the eye, not just with Audrey on screen, but with her beautiful clothes and the picturesque New York setting. She made the "Little Black Dress" what it is now. Classic. Beautiful. Perfect. 

Just like Audrey.  

Motivational Monday: Be Kind to Yourself

A group of people were asked what they thought of themselves... Please watch... 

After seeing this video (which you totes should watch), I found myself reflecting on how I see myself now as to before. My confidence has found it's way to shine through and if I can do it, so can you. So read on and find your fire!

Interview Outfit


Pink camisole
$42 -

White waistcoat

Hobbs high heel shoes
$150 -

Lipsy gold necklace
$42 -

I had an interview today and this is close enough to what I wore. The blazer is the exact same from New Look. It was to The Dome in Edinburgh which is a fancy shmancy place and I wanted to look the part. 

Black Trousers smarten up any look and with heels gives a sophisticated look. I have a bit of a baby face and anything that makes me look my age is a must when meeting new people. I want to be taken seriously. The waterfall blazer is more flattering for me. I find normal blazers make me look like I have broad shoulders and I don't feel that feminine. This blazer has a lovely light feel and it is so sassy. The shade allows to be put with a lot of other colours and it can just be thrown on in the day to smarten a very casual outfit and put on in the night when waiting for a taxi to take you to the next club. 
A white lace top was my choice instead of a shirt. I felt a shirt might be too formal for a restaurant but the one I wore wasn't too low at all so I still remained professional. 

Until next time... 

Thursday's Little Thoughts: Doctors.

Moving away from home means you have to start thinking like a grown up and realising that there are certain things you need to do. Registering with a doctor is one of these things. Seems simple. Well I can assure you it is not. 

The GP surgery in our area have a certain time when a person can register. Between 1 and 4 on Monday. They only take on 10 patients. When my flatmate went to get registered at 1, all the spaces were taken up. This wouldn't have been so much of a problem if she had not been very ill with tonsillitis, the flu and a stomach bug for the past 2 weeks. She needed to see a doctor. The previous week I took her to try and get an emergency appointment during the "open appointment" hours. The receptionist could see she was in dire need of medical attention, looked at her up and down over her cheap glasses (the way they do) and turned her away as she was not registered and didn't offer to register her even as a temporary resident. 

What is going on with our health system? Why is it so hard to get seen by a doctor? Even when you are registered, it is often the case that you need to wait a week before you can get an appointment. How is that helpful? My flatmate ended up having to go to A&E the day after. 

I'm astounded at how difficult it has been for my flatmate to see a doctor. She was so ill she could not get out of bed and almost had to be carried to the car when she went to A&E. It should not be like this. If someone is as ill, a doctor or nurse at the GP surgery should provide help. 

Patients are being registered on a first come first served basis. I understand that you need to get there quick and why they limit the amount of people, but is one day really enough? Looking at other doctor surgeries, it is usually the same case. There are even some where they are not taking on any patients. That means a person will have to find somewhere else to go but "it must be in the catchment area." And if that doctor's is the only one in the correct district...well you're left with NHS 24. Good luck. Get well soon. xx

Film Review: Bad Neighbours

Directed by Nicholas Stoller, you already kind of have an idea about the type jokes are going to pop out like a a giant penis. Bad Neighbours didn't make me question life's meaning but it did leave me with a sore stomach from laughter. 

When a Fraternity moves into the house next to the new parents Mac (Seth Rogan) and Kelly (Rose Byrne), their baby can't sleep and they want to seem all "cool and hip" in front of their new neighbours. They ask Teddy to keep the music from their bouncing party down but not wanting to seem rude they accept the offer to have 1 drink with the college students. Mac and Kelly have a night reliving their youth. One night of loud partying is enough and when the young ones keep the party going for another night, they phone the police. Teddy (Zac Efron) condemns war as revenge. The parties continue. 

Mac and Kelly become a double act of master minds as they plan to get them evicted. Byrne proves that she can perform silly comedy as good as Rogan and they make the perfect pair. They both get their tops off and provide laughs by not "milking" the jokes. (See the film for reference) 

Zac Efron gets his top off too.
 So I'd pay to just see that. He certainly has grown up since High School Musical. Teddy does everything in his power of being President of Delta to keep the party going. Including getting his boys to make dildos. There's a student tip if you're ever strapped for cash. Those boys got a hot tub with their dildo money. Dave Franco plays Pete, Teddy's wing man, who gives an honest performance as he accepts that the party is coming to and end and gets on with his studies as well as partying in the night. 

Teddy, Mac and Kelly are all scared of growing up. Mac and Kelly are forced into it with a baby and Teddy doesn't want his time with the Frat boys to end. Despite the title, neither of these neighbours are bad. Efron does like a party but he plays his role with a warmth and he his just so likeable. It made me want to get a flight to America, party hard and give him a hug. Rogan and Byrne prove that things have a way of working out and to embrace change. 

Personally, I'd prefer to party with some attractive men. 

Go and see it if you need a laugh. There's one liners, air bags, boobs, dildos, strange people and plotting and war. How can you say no? 

a new little dress

a new little dress

H m dress
$17 -

London Rebel cut-out booties

So I bought this little dress today and even though it's only £10 I still feel bad for my bank account. I am having trouble on how to style this simple dress. I can think of the obvious, denim jacket and boots but how else can I style it? 

Fashion Bloggers! I NEED YOU!