Little tips with bits and bobs.

Buying presents is stressful no matter what the occasion or who it is for. For me, that means that wrapping paper is always last on my list and usually forgotten. So I have come up with a solution. NEWSPAPER! 

Excuse the bad wrapping. 

It looks a little old fashioned but everything comes back into fashion. I just think is looks cute. 

What do you think? 

Ten days in an "iphone free zone."

After years of slagging off Apple and iPhones, 2 weeks ago I found myself opening a shiny white apple box and holding an iPhone 4s, like a little girl at Christmas. The instagramming, twittering, facebooking in the palm of my hand was back in my life. And it was great. 
Getting on that plane to Ireland, I couldn't wait to start journaling my holiday through instagram and twitter. However, my phone can't get signal over in Ireland. The roaming had not been activated through customer services,  even though I was told that there would be no problem. Hashtag raging! 

Just a weekend quickie from Ireland

Just a weekend quickie

Oasis pocket pants
$72 -

White cami
$12 -

Rebecca Minkoff genuine leather handbag

 I'm in Ireland! Top O' the mornin' to ya! 

While I'm on my holiday I can't really get much blogging done. However I can get a lot of SHOPPING DONE! Can I hear a "Hell Yeah"?! 


 So on my travels around the shops I have seen a few things that caught my eye. These patterned trousers were one of them and I can't stop thinking about them. Wish I had bought them. But no matter, I did get some lovely tops and I will be posting a shopping haul soon. Speak soon!Wish you were here!  

x x

#OOTD: Break the Rules and Max it up

At 5"1.8 (that 8 is important to me), I always steered away from maxi skirts and dresses. I have always loved them on every one else but I thought that there was no way I would be allowed to wear one with my hight-that there is some sort of rule. 
There are certain rules of fashion that society has adopted; black and brown shouldn't go together, short people shouldn't wear anything past the knee, tall people shouldn't wear heels.

Now you all listen up! 

 It is all nonsense! 

MY rule is:

If you want to wear it, you damn well wear it and be faaabulous doing so! 

Top: £5 (sale) Republic
Neckace: £8 Asda
Skirt: £8 Primark
Shoes: £45 White Stuff 

This maxi skirt was so cheap and the pattern just called my name. I tried it on and had to have it. Screw the rule for short people! I will wear what I want and when I want. And to quote my man, Gok Wan; 
  "It's all about the confidence!" 

How do you feel about fashion rules? 


Horray for Holidays

Whether you have finished school, college, university or work; it is coming up to the holiday season! I hear people are going to Italy, Greece, France or America. As for me, I'm off to Ireland on Tuesday. I live in Scotland so I will already be use to the cold and wet weather. It's not your typical summer holiday, I admit, but my grandparents live there so I will be getting fed and spoiled, no doubt. It's a cheap get away and a slight change of scenery for a while. 

But with this trip, comes life's great question; "WHAT TO PACK?!?"

I need all of this, right?

I've been going over to Ireland on my own since I was 11 and have come up with a few tips when packing your suitcase as I have yet to haul my suitcase from under the bed. 

Check the luggage terms and conditions. 
When checking in at the airport, your luggage will be weighed so make sure it isn't over the weight allowance. Using a light suitcase will make things easier, they're a bit more pricey but if you travel a lot it's worth it. I know there is a 50 Euro fee if my luggage is over (Damn you RyanAir). 

Keep it to a minimum 
I'm going away for 10 days and I'll probably go shopping there so I wont need to take 30 pairs of shoes with cardigans to match. I will take 1 pair of jeans, 2 skirts, and 3 tops. I can change the tops around and it gives me plenty of room to make room for new clothes. A black top and purple skirt can be dressed up and dressed down. It's common fashion sense. If you have a spontaneous night out or planned, you can still dress up a day dress or a pair of jeans with some glam accessories and heels.
The clothes I will take will be faaabulous so even though I will miss having options, I know that I will feel great. 

Take 1 pair of pretty flats, 1 comfy pair for walking and 1 pair of heels. I'm debating on the heel thing as I will be with my grandparents after all and I can't see my Nana staying up til 3 on the dance floor (but who knows!)

Hand Luggage
Hand luggage is your bestie forever. Put your heavy stuff in there. Your thick jumper, laptop, shoes and normal handbag can be by your side for the flight. You're best to use a holdall. It really does HOLD ALL! See what I did there? 
I had a pink leather one but stupidly left it with my mother. A rucksack will have to do. 
Keep your purse and passport on you at all times. It's just smart. 
Don't take your chocka bloc purse, take a small one for convenience. 

Always keep safe, write down times for flights, trains, buses, have your ticket infomation ready and write down emergency contacts. Most importantly enjoy yourself! 

Are you off anyway nice? Comment on any tips you've picked up and let me know!

Let the Sun Shine!


#OOTD Bohos, elephants and ponchos.

When I hear the word Poncho, I think of knitted tents and Ugly Betty. But when I wondered into TKMaxx, I came across this top which I suppose has a poncho element to it.

 The sleeve are stitched together right at the bottom so it does have sleeves of some sort. At 100% Polyester, it is so light which is great in the summer when vest tops are so tight they stick to you, this makes me feel so free. 

My favourite thing about this top is the wonderful pattern. I have grown an enormous amount if love for this boho style that is in the shops and with my interest in India and their culture growing, the elephants remind me of my travels to come. The feathers are attached to the top and acts as a necklace so no need to find jewellery to match. Perfect! 

Paired with my favourite pair of jeans, I think this is my "Go-To-Summer-Outfit!" 

Let the sun shine!

Until next time... 

Work Stuff at White Stuff

I have two part time jobs, one is in retail and one is bar work. I really don't feel comfortable behind the bar, I'd much rather be downing the drinks than pouring them but working in White Stuff is the best job I could ever get as my first job. 

The people I work with are so friendly (as is with the bar) but we all have a connection in some way or another. I have learnt so much in 6 months about retail. Everything is set up for a reason and I really care for the shop and the clothes. The target is for probably 30+ aged but we do get younger people in now and again. The style of clothes are unique and that's why not many people have heard of White Stuff because they want to be different as a brand and not like your typical Topshop or H&M. 

At the start I couldn't imagine anyone wearing the clothes are how they even suited people but after a couple of months I really appreciated them and can now put outfits together and get excited when I get to choose a new uniform. The new line consists of a lovely plum red and I can't wait to get a new top in it. 


This job is what really made my love for fashion grow. I have always been interested in it but I now know that there is more to fashion that what I like. I can appreciate the way a skirt is tailored or how a crazy pattern can help people express themselves. 
I want to keep working in retail or with fashion and I don't think I need to go to university to do that. I can work my way up by showing my manager that I am eager to learn and I care. I just hope I don't have to leave it for a full time job. 

Anyway here is a little taster of what we sell...  

Hello June

I cannot believe how quick this year has gone already. It's freaking me out. 
I am a bit of a stressy mess right now. I have finished college and still have no idea what I'm going to do for the rest of my life. I am still living in Edinburgh but have to have two part time jobs until I find a full time one so I can afford to live. 
Do I wish I stayed on in college or went to uni? Only if I knew what I wanted to do. 

So to try and get myself out of this horrible slump I am in, I'm going to plan and be productive. 

First off is get a good night sleep. 
At the weekends I work in the shop in the day then a bar at night which means I don't get home till 3/3:30 and up at 8-10 in the morning. So week nights means early nights.

Make an effort with people. 
I'm going to make more of an effort to meet up with friends and don't just do the whole"meet up for coffee sometime". People are important to me and I don't really like being on my own for too long. Plus it gives me something to look forward to. 

Start reading more. 
The more you read, the more you learn. I feel I have a lot to learn, things uni can't teach me. I might even find a new interest. 

By October, I want to have a full time job in retail.  
Simple. Fingers crossed. 

Eat healthier
 I need to remember that my body is precious and I should be giving it good things. 

Keep positive. 
Easier said than done. But I'm going to put little cute messages up to remind myself that I'm like the shampoo girls. "I'm worth it!" 

Save up for travelling. 
Once the money comes in I am going to have to save it. I know I need to travel, see the world and I need to decide where I am going to go. 

Do more things. 
I need to break out of my habit of staying in. I live in Edinburgh now! There must be something else than Come Dine With Me. 

Make the most of everyday. 
I mean it.

What are your thoughts this June?