Revolution In The Air: The Shift Dress.

Fashion repeats itself. I have noticed that from a young age. My mother laughed when I showed her my new bat wing top as she reminisced about the 80's. Now more than ever designers and clothing brands are inspired by the decades past. Within just one season, you can chanel the 20s right through into the 00s. From flapper feathers to spice girl scrunchies. With so much choice, I struggle to decide my favourite era but with some time and some thought, I have to say that the 60s/70s is the era I'd like to spent time in. So get me a time machine!

In this post I am concentrating on just one statement dress from the 60s. THE dress. The shift dress.
Made iconic by Twiggy, the shift dress broke the barriers as the waist was dropped and the hem lines shorter. Much shorter. It was all about daring to bare and revolution was in the air.

Twiggy; making the shift dress

The shift dress reflects the shift in society and the 60s era. By the mid 60s, fashion was embracing youth and freedom. This was the beginging of the free love and peace era. Happiness was all people wanted and having fun was a huge part of it. Before, women were nipped in and reliant on their husbands, even after the war but by the 60s, the economy was flowing in the West and women were supporting themselves with thier own wages and having a life of their own. And after a hard day in the office, they would go clubbing. The music was lively, the dancing was lively and the shift dress allowed free movement. The dress was a revolution in itself. 

No caption needed for my Audrey.

The shift dress nowadays is still a great dress. It can be worn during the day and night. Depending on the pattern and accesoires, you can tailour it to your style. 

My take on Audrey last year

For the day I wear my floral shift with white wedges and but add a jazzy necklace and brighter lipstick and I am ready for my night out. My tarten shift is great for a night out with my big black statment wedges or court shoes. During the day I wear it just with flat pumps or wee ankle boots. The dresses are my most confortable items of clothing (apart from pjs) I have. I don't have to worry about that big dinner I had becuase there is no waistline to show it. I love wearing them and they show off enough leg and when I move, there are hints that I do have curves under the material (ooh cheeky!). 

The shift dress for me is a winner. At first I was worried in case it made me look shapeless or fat due to not having the wasit line I was use to, but I found that it can still be ever so flattering as I stick on a pair of fabulous heels and make the street my cat walk. Be free and be fabulous! 

Little Katie 

#ottd outfit of the night

Top: miss selfridge 
Shorts: Zara 
Blazer: new look

I dont usually go out but when I do I like to feel good. I have a lot of admiration for people who feel comfortable I their own skin. I'm feeling confident tonight with my leggys out in my new zara shorts. I've got teal coloured heels to wear with them. Here we go. He we go. Here he fucking  go! 

Little Pinterest ideas

Good morning, you fabulous people! 
Another very late post and this isn't even the one I planned. How do people juggle blogs and work?? All I seem to have time for is sleeping and working. It sucks! Although the good news is that we are moving flat and this means fabulous decor must be bought.

On the bus to and from work, I find myself scrolling through Pinterest and I wanted to share some pictures that I liked and pinned. 

I feel like my new flat is going to go print crazy and I need to get my hands on some funky lamps! Anyone know a good shop to visit? 

I am so sorry I haven't been blogging nearly enough and I hope to have a fashion post up as soon as possible. 

Right, I'm off to work!