Sick of Celeb Culture

Celebrities can inspire us normal people through fashion, fitness and lifestyles. However they also inspire the front covers of magazines and topics of discussion. Most recently the face of Renee Zellwegger has been the most talked about topic through media, magazine and television. 

Taken from Daily Mail. Left: October 2014. Right: 2001

Everyone has been questioning the transformed face of the Bridget Jones star. She claims that she is living a happier lifestyle and is at peace with herself. Well we can't argue with that can we? Actually, it seems that people can. Through media people have been coming up with theories and a lot of people have been slagging the actor's new look off. 

Yes, she does look different from that picture in 2001 but I know that I look different from 2001 too. Renee Zelwegger does not tend to be in the media's spotlight unlike other actors and she is 45. People are saying that she looks older. Well, duh!
You are comparing her to images of her Bridget Jones days. Of course she is going to look older. So what if she has lost weight, got a tan, had surgery? She's happy. 

To be honest, does it really matter? Why are people getting so wound up by her appearance? How, in any way does this affect us? It doesn't. 

This is what I hate about celeb culture. Magazines throw these trashy articles about celebs looking different or being cruel about what they wear and readers can get so into it that it becomes a hot topic. Can we just take a moment to realise there are bigger things in the world that you could be discussing instead of Kate Middleton's uneven curls. 

I love fashion and I love talking about it but when television programmes counts something of this as news, it makes my blood boil. I don't want see this as "Breaking News." And I'm sure that the celebrities and Royals would prefer not to see their faces with scandals written around it.  When I create my own magazine-which is the dream- I will be looking to celebs for inspiration with their bold and confident outfits and only praise will go to them. Through their deep and meaningful speeches-Sandra Bullock comes to mind- I want to spread their thoughts and wisdom. 

It's time to stop being so shallow and time to appreciate the real work that celebrities do in life, not to their appearances. At the end of the day, they are the rich and famous and will always be somewhat fabulous either way. 

Little Katie

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Welcome to the ArtRave.

It started with Just Dance and she has most recently released Jazz album, Cheek To Cheek and I have been with her all the way. It had been a long 5 months waiting since booking my tickets but on the 19th of October I saw Lady Gaga live. I had been waiting 6 years to see my most treasured singer live. Her ArtRave tour came all the way to Glasgow.She had travelled from Dublin to London and then to Glasgow for us

"Say Cheese!" : An Edinbloggers Photo Shoot

Fara, Laura, Louise, myself and Cynthia

When I was asked to join the Edinbloggers Facebook group by Nicole Findley from Cocomadeherdoit , I had no idea what I was accepting. This community has been well organised by founders, Farah from Faz Fashion Diary, Emily from Frankly-Ms-Shankly and Sultana Malik. Events and meet up were set up by them for us little bloggers and one of them which I was able to attend was a photo shoot. 

World Mental Health Day: The Weight On My Shoulders.

Today is World Mental Health Day. This is a topic that is close to my heart. Along with knowing many people who have suffered and are suffering from mental health issues, I, myself have suffered. It is so important to break the stigma. Self harmer, crazy, clean freak, depressed, schizophrenic, anorexic,  alcoholic, physco are not things people should be labelled with. It is something that they are battling with.
 It does not define them. 

Living with a mental health issue is difficult enough as well having insensitive, ignorant people judging them. This needs to stop. People need to have the knowledge of what it is really like and offer support. 

(Sorry, this is a lengthy post, but I'm worth it!)

Here's what I went through...

A trip down memory lane...

I came across my old college blog today and thought I would share it with you. 
Years ago I started blogging on tumblr and had about 4 different accounts for different things. Here is my college one which consists of theatre reviews (mandatory for HND Acting), my thoughts on monologues and theatre and college in general. It's quite cute really. 

Funnily enough my lecturer even advised me to think about doing more theatre reviews while at college as they were "quite good." It seems even then everyone knew I was doing the wrong course. Ah well. I'm going to do the right thing now. Journalism is the right thing for me and I am so excited. Terrified, but excited. 

It's cold and wet in Scotland. Time to get your Parka out!

It's cold and wet in Scotland. Time to get your Parka out!

Tartan dress
$24 -

Bench stretch glove
$32 -

It's 3rd of October, or as the yanks like to say... 

Happy Friday if you have that Friday feeling. But if you are like me and are working day and night all weekend, I say, hang in there. Think of the money. 

September has been a strange month in Edinburgh. It hasn't been cold like the years past and the summer clothes haven't been packed away just yet. Although today the temprature hase dropped and it is bucketing down with rain. My plans for shopping has been postponed and my plans for blogging and selling things on ebay have been picked up. With the British weather being so unpredictable I think you need to have all seasons of clothing near by. Don't ever pack away your clothes due to season. Until it starts to snow then maybe it's time to put your sandals in their box. Blue feet are not attractive. A parka is essential in Britain. It is so cosy and thank god that it is now classed as fashionable. My parka is two sizes to big but I'm going to go down the "It's a statement piece and over-sized clothing is cool." road. It's really because they didn't have my size and I got fed up with looking for a coat so I just grabbed it and thought-this will do. It feels like a duvet and I regret nothing. 

Have you got your winter coat? What's your staple piece for Winter? 

Little Katie 

x x 

Love Your Selfie

We are the generation of social media, hashtags, food photos and selfies. We feel the need the take a photo, post a status or tweet about everything. If it enters our brain, we will let the world know. 

I definitely am one of these people. I am a self confessed social media addict and have been ever since I got Bebo when I was 12. Since then the selfies grew. I noticed my friends doing it first and they looked so pretty. It took me a while to get the confidence to take that first photo and put it on my soical media site. It was a simple smile before bed with two plaits in my hair to tame my mane. 8 years later and I'm still taking selfies.