Happy Black Friday

Black Friday plans

Black Friday plans by katiewilliams-101 

Brace yourself, it's Black Friday! 

Friday 28th of November is also known as Black Friday. Originally from America, it has found its way across the ocean and over to our British stores. Shops discount their stock and us fashion lovers go crazy. Discounts for new clothes and probably a great time to start Christmas shopping.  I can't really justify going on this big spending spree apart from the fact that it's also...PAY DAY! 

So here is my tips on how to handle Black Friday. 

1: Get up early.  
You're not the only one who knows about these discounts and you want to get everything you want. 

2: Plan.
Look on websites, have an idea what you're getting or looking out for. There's a lot of clothes and you do not want to get lost in all of the discounts. 

3: Take the opportunity 
This is your last pay day before Christmas so use the discounts to grab your Christmas pressies. Do the Christmas presents near the start of your spree. I hate it when I do my Christmas shopping mid Decemeber in Poundland. 

4: Keep your receipts!
Ok, kind of a cheeky one. When I go a bit mad on my shopping trips, I buy a ton of stuff, get home and then realise, I actually don't suit that lime green blouse. Working in retail myself, I hate returning, but sometimes it has to be done. 

5: Enjoy yourself and treat yourself.
 You're getting a discount. You can justify it. Happy shopping ladies! 

Little Katie

x x 

Winter Wonders

Winter Wonders

Winter Wonders by katiewilliams-101 

It's getting colder, the parka has been brought back to life and there is a bite in the crisp Scottish air. Winter has arrived. Edinburgh can only be desrcibed as a Winter Wonderland. All the shops have got their Christmas creative in and there is a wonderful magical feel.  

It is my favourite time of year and I have come up with a list of essentials of things you need and need to do. 

  1. Get out your knitwear. 
    It is getting chilly so it's time to layer up with some cosy cable knits. For the past few years now, your gran's cardi has been taking a stroll on catwalks. 
  2. Drink hot chocy.
    Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows is the ultimate winter warmer. Don't care about the calories. We need extra layers to keep warm. 
  3. Tartan. 
    Just get it. I have a tartan scarf and a tartan skirt. They are my favourite pieces in my wardrobe this season. You cannot go wrong with it. 
  4. Invest in ankle boots. 
    Ankle boots can be dressed up, dressed down and go with everything. Find the right pair for you. I think it is always worth investing in a good pair of boots. I have had a pair, similar to the ones in my polyvore set, for 5 years. I wap them out every year and fall in love with them all over again. 
  5. Spend time with your loved ones.
    Christmas is about friends and family. There is nothing more I love than being all snuggly  on the sofa with my friends, watching XFactor with a heap of junk food. 
  6. Get into the Christmas Spirit. 
    The build up to that day is usually better than the actual day, so enjoy the smell of cinnamon and the buzz in your town because come January, we're all going to be skintos and a not doing our new year resolutions. 

And it's only 38 days until Christmas! 

Little Katie
x x

TOPSHOP EVENT: The Personal Shopping Experience

The personal shopper's selection

I am a self confessed shopaholic and clothes lover. My favourite shops at the moment are H&M and Topshop. When I saw that there was an event being held at the glamorous Gusto's by Topshop, all previous plans were dropped. Topshop gave us an insight to their A/W14 collection and personal stylists created some cracking outfits. I have pulled together a couple of them to show you my favourites. 

The sleeveless vest and sleeveless blazer is not something I'd think of but I think it looks really smart and I am definitely going to try it out. 

Burgundy has been a very popular Autumnal colour on the high street for a few years now and it is not going anywhere. Topshop presented burgundy jeans, a burgundy hat and burgundy culottes. So if you want some colour in your A/W wardrobe, it looks like it will be burgundy. 

They had 3 styles of shoes. Strappy high sandals, ankle boots and knee high boots. They suggested that these are your staple when it comes to winter footwear. Add boots for an edgy/casual look and a sandal for a classier style. 

The girls emphasised that the personal shopping is a complimentary service. There is no extra costs. It is a great way if you are wanting a new look or are not sure how to dress for your body shape. I'm tempted to take on this experience after Christmas. I've been buying quite a few pieces of clothes recently so I'm trying to give my bank account a break and then, in theory, I can go on a big shopping splurge. Hooray! 

But until I can spend my money in Topshop on their lovely things, the freebee lipstick they gave will have to do. 

Red Alert by Topshop

Little Katie
x x