Little Tips For An Edinburgh Summer

The city of Edinburgh is the place to be this summer. Although the sun seems to have forgotten about us, there are still so many things to do. With the International Film Festival, Fashion Festival and of course the Fringe Festival all going on; I have a 5 tips for you to enjoy our Scottish  summer in the capital. 

Welcome to My Wardobe:The New Skirt

Oops I did it again. I bought another skirt.

Reality check on Real Women

"Real beauty" or " real women," I see these words all the time, usually with a smiling woman next to it showcasing her  confidence. And then sometimes with a small jibe against anyone smaller than a size 12.
Excuse me?!

Statement Styling with The Frosted Fairy*

A statement necklace can be a girl's best friend. It can make a dull and basic tee into a glamourous outfit and add a bit of jazz to a tired dress. 

They say that with age comes beauty. I can certainly say that about this dress. 

The Gathering 8

You must have seen it! The #scotstreetstyle hashtag. A network to connect to creatives over Scotland and encourage people to come together to share their love for fashion and unique style. 

Eating Stirling: Roots

My foodie posts are usually based in Edinburgh. Until now. Since I will be moving to Stirling in Septemeber I thought I should check out some of the local eateries. I came across this cute vegetarian cafe, Roots.

It had such a calming atmosphere and the owner welcomed me with a great big smile. I don't usually mind eating alone, I actually prefer it, but I have been to caf├ęs where I felt super awkward but here, I just sat and relaxed as I got use to my Stirling surroundings. 

The decor was probably a hipsters dream with fairy lights, book shelves and the wall features were quite ethnic looking. I loved it! I just picked a book to flick through as i waited for my humous and roasted veg baked potato. I never thought about putting them together but my god! It was divine! I'm definitely going to be trying that out in my kitchen. 

If you're ever about in Stirling, you should totally check it out. 

Until next time...