To my beloved Edinburgh

My dearest city,
It's been a magical 3 years. We went through good times, tough times and out of this world times. I would not have changed a thing.

I did not expect to feel so at home with you. You opened your beautiful historic arms and welcomed me as one of your own. 

You have helped me create memories I never want to forget. You saw me get my first flat, buy first legal drink, dance (badly) until the sun comes up, get my first job, second job and quit a job. You were there as I learnt to get my life back. You saw me live my life.

I have met people that have helped me grow as a person. I have met the most inspiring people and you have helped me find my drive again. Edinburgh, you have helped me find myself. You have seen me create my own life and made me revel in every experience the universe gave me. My dearest city, you have given me the life, the memories and the friends I never want to give up. 

I am not scared to live and embrace every challenge that comes to me next. I am finally the person I have always wanted be. You have prepared me for the next chapter and I am ready to live it in all it's entirety. 

My dear Edinburgh, you are more than a city. You are my first love. My memory maker. My dream creator. My home.
As I leave, only an hour down the road, I keep the fire you gave to me. And I leave my heart with you. I thank you for giving me everything.

See you tomorrow.

Welcome to My Wardrobe: Little Pink Playsuit

It's ANOTHER outfit post! Hashtagging all the "ootd" "wiwt" "outfitpost" like everywhere with this one. Ladies and gents, meet my favourite playsuit. 

"You are my one and only!" 
Actually it's like my 4th playsuit but whatever. This one is super special. Firstly it's from and their clothing is so one point for me. Most playsuits I try on are just not right for my short body but this one fits like a glove. 

 I wore this as my leaving party outfit, it was the last party I was going to have in my flat in Edinburgh so I wanted to look fabulous! It is definitely one of my most (ahem) revealing pieces in my wardrobe but I have plucked the confidence to wear it with pride. I am always a bit nervous with such a plunge neckline. But if I ever have a little mishap, I just think, well, my little chest isn't any different from anyone else's. There was I time I was really self conscious about having a small chest. It wasn't living up to the "expections" or what is thought to be "attractive". What a thing to think! But I'm 5"1.8 (remember that 8) and I would look ridicuouls if I had the boobs of Katie Price or Dolly Parton! I have learnt to embrace my little assets. No bra, no problem and I can truly embrace the 70's style.  

Now, going with my beloved 70s vibes, the paisley and tied deep v is just spot on. I want to be going Woodstock, like, right now. Someone call Christopher Lloyd and take me back to 1969! 

Until next time...

Something New With Leith's Scottish Design Exchange

Leith is becoming a strong base for local creatives within the fashion industry. With the opening of the Biscuit Factory, allowing offices for stylists, up and coming magazines and photographers; it seems only right that down the road, The Scottish Design Exchange has opened in Ocean Terminal. 

By Nicci N

Upholstery by Chairwoman 

Artist:Wendy H

By Birds of Prayer

The Scottish Design Exchange is a perfect platform for designers to share their stock. There is a fine collection of fashion, home interiors, art and accessories. 
Owner, Lynzi, has allowed designers to showcase their pieces in the flesh(or fabric). So far Birds Of Prayers, Lizzi O, Mischke Lingerie, Christine Watson and award winning Nicci N have added some of their lines to the store. 

C Watson range

What is special about this, is that even though, on the rails, there are one of each product, there is the option to get the style tailor made for you personally. 
Like, wow! You have a one off, limited edition piece of clothing made for your body and your body only (unless you have a clone, which would be a bit odd). 

Lizzi O

Lindsey also informed me of their exciting near future plans. C Watson plans on adding more of her striking pieces from her latest range (can't wait!) AND there is talk of a hair and make up styling service. I was legit jumping up and down squeeling at the sound of it too. 

Miscke Lingerie

Nicci N range

Harris Tweed products, handmade leather accessories by Z Leather and a collection of art by Wendy H and Judy Wright are available to purchase at the store too. 

With the range of "fast fashion" that is hitting the high street, now more than ever, more people are wanting something different. Now, you can have a close up and personal look at fantastic pieces of fashion. Each designer has a defining  appearance to their lines and Scottish Designer Exchange allows you to have something defining and special in your home. 
You need to get down to check it out for yourself. It really is such a treat to have it in Edinburgh. 

Until Next Time... 

New Season With Nicci.N

The new AW15 clothes are slowly finding themselves away from the shops and into your wardrobe. 
From Scotland, award winning designer Nicola Alexandra Gardner and her brand Nicci.N has some pieces that needs to be added to your new seasonal clothing collection.

By adding a fitted jacket, you can show off your shape and a bit of colour between Nicci N's white dress and the floppy hat that I've chosen.

Fringing is still very much in for Autumn. Nicci.N gives you statement garments in leather. Being a tougher and heavier material it is perfect for autumn. 
I love how Nicola has taken the feminine shape of a pencil skirt and given it a "rock and roll" edge. It is totally saying, "Yeah I know I'm fabulous, now don't mess me with me".

Lace will always be so classic and Nicci.N continues the Pretty But Fierce theme through her range by pairing the lace top with a leather skirt. The fishtail cut puts a dramatic spin on your classic maxi skirt and when you strut your stuff, it has some great movement. 
The white lace co-ord reminds me so much of Taylor Swift's style. I would team that with some statement jewellery, an arm cuff and why not go all the boho way and add a flower headband. I always think White Lace goes so nicely with the boho trend and you can feel free and light in the dip hem lace skirt. 

The new season always calls for wardrobe update so you deserve to get something different. Nicci N is based in Edinburgh and you can see these pieces at the Scottish Designer Exchange store in Ocean Terminal.  

Until Next Time...

Zomato: A Foodie's Favourite App

Are you hungry? Hungry for an appetising app maybe? I give you Zomato

I was I introduced to Zomato last year and have never looked back.
So, what exactly is Zomato? 
It's an app where you can view menus, rate bars, caf├ęs and restaurants, comment, like, follow and take a food photo. 

Taking photos of your food has gone from Facebook and I know that my friends laugh at me as I try and move my plate to the light; but with Zomato you can shamelessly take that pic, because you're "reviewing". You can be the best food critic and your foodie photos have a home in Zomato. 

I'm looking for a bite to eat before I treck into town. Which has the better rating? 

Shopping can be hungry work and now the Fringe Festival is on, all the more reason for me to be running round the city. The app allows you to see all the eateries near by based on your location. Oh technology these days! No more hopeless wandering for Katie! You can actually see where I've been, which is called a " food journey". So you could all!most say that your on a journey of discovery. A discovery of great eats. 
During the Edinburgh Fringe, there are so many more eateries too. It makes the decision 10 times harder but Zomato have a section for your Festival food cravings. You can find more info here

It also aids my obsessive competitiveness. The more you review, comment and check in, the more points you get and you can go from your average "foodie" to "food expert". 

I want to go and eat out just so I can review more and up my game. I NEED TO BE THE FOOD CHAMPION!!!    

So before you head out for lunch, make sure you download the app. Let me know so I can get more point than you!

Until next time...

Summer Loving with White Stuff

I wish summer was as long as my dress.

Even with a wedge heel I found myself tripping over it. #shortpeopleproblems 

With the sun shinning for a couple of hours, I decided to take a walk to the harbor in Leith. I can just imagine myself with a big yacht with all the parties and celebrities. Lady GaGa and Bradley Cooper will be first on the list! 

   Photography by Rebecca Divine. 

Anyway, I'm getting distracted. 

White Stuff have their summer sale but there still time to pick up a late summer outfit. 
Here I have the Ellie maxi dress which is so comfortable and the pattern is gorgeous! This collection was inspired by indian prints which fits so well with the boho trend. I would wear it with a denim jacket for when the weather gets cooler, we are in Scotland, it won't take long for the rain to start!

I'm still hopeful for a summer. I do a sun dance every day. 

Until Next Time... 

Little Lacey Things

The fashion tend "underwear as outerwear" made a statement on the catwalks a few years ago and never left.
From slip skirts to bralettes, they have made there way from the catwalks to the local high street. 

Over the past couple of months I have found myself with a little collection of little braletts. Naturally, new things means new styling posts. Can I get a whoop whoop? 
Or not. Whatevs. 

This one is my favourite "going out-out" outfit. With my black jacket and black boots, I sort of feel like Lady Gaga. Although, let's be honest, she wouldn't wear a skirt. Flashing a bit of flesh with a high waisted garment can highlight your waist and if you want to show that you're confident in your own skin, then you show it and own it! 

Although sometimes I don't like showing my torso but still want to bare a bit of bralette. A see through top or a low cut one can allow you to showcase a little bit of lace. Keeping it a little secretive and a whole lot of pretty. 

This trend of little intimates are a great way of adding some extra detail to an outfit which everyone can adjust to themselves. Because remember, it's all in the detail. 

Until next time...