Beating the Blues

So I've been feeling a bit down the past week. Proabably a mixture of stress, lack of sleep and still adjusting to moving from Edinburgh.   

It can be such a little thing to trigger that horrible blue feeling. Something as simple as someone not texting back, not getting invited somewhere or even your favourite shop not stocking that skirt you had your eye one for the past month (looking at you Topshop). And you're just like; 

But you get nowhere from burying yourself under your duvet and avoiding those things you actually have to do. Mine is an essay, reply to emails and get organised for this Halloween weekend. A party with my besties is exactly what I need. 

So today I woke up and said to myself; 

I got out of bed (later than I should), put some clothes on, made myself a coffee, planned by day and I'm listening to Florence and the Machine. Her music always uplifts me. There's something quite spiritual about her sound and messages that she sends. 

I have a plan to be forever faaabulous you see, and I won't let anything stop me from that. I'm going to quickly go to town, pick up my last pieces for my costume and then get my essay done. I'm done wallowing in self pity, I'm done letting other people effect me because I have a life to lead. 

So this was just a quick post, but I just had to get my little thought on the blog. Hopefully you can take something from this too. Even just loving Drag Queen, Bianca Del Rio as much as I do. 
Have a good Wednesday folks! 

#StudentLife: Controlling Time

It's Monday! Start of another week and another essay to tackle. But you know what? I think I've got this. 

My last Student Life Post was just a big mess of stress. But some how I managed to complete two essays with all nighters and several cups of coffee included. I even handed one in 24 hours BEFORE the due date. Yeah, I know! 
Now, they're definitely not my best written pieces of work, but I think I've done enough to pass. Maybe that's not the best way to look at things but the feedback I will get will be so useful. So I'm quite looking forward to that. 

The thing that is stopping me freaking out is remembering that I am at uni to learn. One way to do this is to make mistakes and listen to the lectures. Also, I keep reminding myself that everyone has been in my position. From students to lecturers, they have all managed to get through the "finding-your-feet" first year in University. If they can do it, then so can I! 

So what have I learnt so far? 
The importance of "time management''. 
We were told about it at school, but somehow it just doesn't sink in, does it? 


Well you kind of have to be aware of it when you have 3 essays and course work due for around the same time. So here are my tried and tested tips of juggling all this work that is being thrown about: 

1: Make a list! Make a list of everything you have to do. Set times and targets. Maybe one day focus on part of an essay for one module and then the course work later on in the evening. 

2: Take breaks! I definitely abuse this rule (For instance, I'm meant to be writing an essay right now but here I am) Go for a walk, do your make up, have some lunch. But rest your eyes from the laptop and text books for half an hour. 

3: Tick that list off! It feels soooo good, right? 

4:  Remember why you're doing this! It's easy to look at all your work and think, I don't even need to know this for my carreer! But, you need to so that you can pass your moduels, get your degree and that dream job! 

5: Reward yourself!! This is my favourite part! When you have studied really hard and completed one of your assignments, go and treat your self! Keep the motivation going! 

I am totally feeling more confident now, even with my Media studies essay looming over me but I know I've got this. 
How are you finding uni? Or if you've been there and done that, do you have any more tips? Comment below and let me know! 

How To: Style A Basic Top

The best thing about the colder weather is that layering is key! Now, for some reason our Autumn in Scotland has been really mild. It's not cold enough to get out your jumper with your parker but neither is it warm enough to go out in your a t shirt. I have layered a white long sleeved top with my waistcoat that I picked up at a vintage fair. It is also reversible with a navy and green pattern on the other side, but I prefer the blue. The silk is light enough so that by mid day I am not melting like I would be if I had my fur waistcoat. I mean, I'm not asking for much. Just some predictable weather that will suit my wardrobe!

I have never been that confident when it came to accessorising but thanks to Pinterest, layering necklaces is getting easier. My opal crystal necklace from (my go-to for accessories) is perfect for a base to start layering longer necklaces. Even a chocker would look nice with this too.

Top: H&M
Long necklace: George @ Asda
Jeggings: White Stuff
Crystal Necklace:
Waistcoat: Vintage fare 

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend! 

Little Facebook

Who doesn't love a quickie? 

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So what are you waiting for? 

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Hope you're all having a great week. Can you believe it is almost the weekend? HELL YEAH! I have actually met my essay deadlines after the major stress ball that I was. If you follow me on twitter you know what I am talking about. It was stress central for the past 2 weeks! But finallyI can relax. Until Sunday. When I have to start ANOTHER essay. 

Who said uni was all about sex, drugs and rock and roll?? 

Anyway, that's all from little me for now. 

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Beautiful Brora

Myself and other edinburgh bloggers were invited to a beautiful event at Brora, the luxury cashmere store on Fredrick Street. 

I had walked passed the store a couple of times but admitidly never went in. This was a great opportunity to see the the lovely store. It has released its latest winter collecion and the windows have such a wintery feel to them with the thick jumpers.

Brora is a cashmere knitwear brand founded by the ambition Victoria Staple. The garnments are manufactured in a 200 year old mill in the town of Brora, up in the Highlands and have become renowned for their quality craftsmenship. Each fibre is carefully picked so only the best in used. Brora is only one of few knitwear brands where the garnments are handmade in scotland. Now for me, that's impressive. Victoria said how she was dissapointed in the "fast fashion" industry where the passion for well made garnments seem to have disappeared. It was her passion for the yarn and what could be made for it that inspired her create the brand that is today.

A mood board 

With the increase of popularity in the clothes, Victoria was asked to add more than just jumpers and cardigans to her range. Now they work with the finest silk to tweed and have created skirts, dresses and accessories. Brora also work with Libery London which was a great twist as their shirts looked fabulous with a wool skirt. I had my eye on a fairilse cardigan that I think I will go back for once the temperature drops. Friable is key in winter! There is definitely something for everyone at Brora with the range of designs and the clothes are, oh so easy to style. Victoria was wearing a jumper from her latest collection with black culottes and trainers. 
Brora have collaborated with designers such as Louise Grey and Michael Van Der Ham. 

For me, it was the overwhelming passion and drive that Victoria had as she told us her story of her store. She began working in the mill herself and then decided to take it over to create the store and clothes that there is today. She remenised over the memory of taking parcels to the post office and her office was her home with two phones. Things have moved on since then as she as just opened a store in New York, America. Victoria is very hands on with her business as she continues to visit her stores and the mills as well as have a family. She admits that it can be stressful and hectic at times but it is definitely a "labour a love". 

Emily, Louise, Victoria, myself

So go and check out the beautiful Brora and get ready for the winter. 

World Mental Heath Day: Hey! It's Okay!

10th October marks World Mental Health Awareness Day. I want to break the stigma and get people feeling comfortable to speak about it and stop judgment. Mental illness comes in many forms such as; depression, anxiety, eating disorders, personality disorder and addictions. The list goes on! But there is nothing wrong with you if you are suffering. It is not a choice, it is a battle that is to be fought. 

Last year I told my story of battling an eating disorder and depression here and the amount of support that I received, after publishing it, was completely overwhelming. Over the last 12 months I have grown stronger than ever. Everyone needs to embrace the strength that they have no matter where they are on their journey. Oi! I'm talking to you too! Use that strength from your core and let it drive you into greatness. 

I find it so difficult to believe the way I use to be, even people I have met since can't believe it when I said I barely spoke. You can't shut up me up now, ha! And as for missing meals... 

Skipped meals are a thing of the past, my friend! 

Of course, no matter how far anyone has come from recovering from any mental illness, it still important to take every day as it comes. Unfortunately, there can be set backs and times where you have a moment, but what is most important is how you bounce back from them. 

I'm still finding ways, it is just learning as you go, y'know, that's life, but I have picked up some tricks when I feel down, anxious or triggered. 

Disclaimer note thingy: I am no psychologist or trained in anyway. This is just what I've learnt in my own process of dealing with my own illness. 


Firstly, take one massive deeeep breath. Your breathing may be irregular and deep breathes do calm your nerves. 

Speak to someone! Anyone! Just tell someone how you're feeling! 

Think about the situation in hand. If there has been something to knock you back then figure exactly what it was and calmly make a decision on how to deal with it. 
For me recently, it was the essays at uni. My "First Freak Out" post was only a little of how I was feeling but after a couple of days, I sat down and thought enough was enough. I'm not going to let course work that I need to do, take over my mind and emotions. I wrote a list and just "got on" with the essays. 

I know it can be difficult when people say "just get on with it", but sometimes you have no other option. When you do this, you're not being trapped into doing so; in fact, you've taken control of the situation, rose above it and owning it. 

Don't do it for the person who said "Just get on with it"!
Do it to shut, the annoying voices of self doubt, up!
Do it for you! 

Stay active as well. The worst thing you can do when you have a set back is do nothing. Make plans with friends, go shopping (the amount of shopping sprees I've had over the last 2 weeks is a bit excessive but hey ho), do anything, even try to face what you're trying to ignore. That can work too. 

Don't beat yourself up. Of course you can get through it. Whether you've had help in the past, what ever your dealing with, you have the strength to power through and overcome it. 

Everyday you are battling the mental illness. Even after recovery, you can still be making choices not to set you back. For me, I just don't look at any calorie figures. Completely ignore them. They don't count unless you count them right? So yes, recovering isn't the complete end but it is a battle that I am now winning. And I love to win. 

The way I see it, whether you are getting help for your mental health issues, want to get help, recovered or still battling it on your own, you still have an enormous amount of courage and power within in you to get to where you want. You have the strength to get up every morning and face the day.Just by doing that shows that you have the power! *Que the song* So it's just one more step to the next. 


Don't worry, you've got this. 

Useful links 
Mental Health Charity:
Eating Disorder Charity:
Scottish Mental Health Charity:
Addiction Charity:

*Gifs from 

Boho on a Budget

The bohemian trend was definitely was my favourite look this summer and I'm not quite ready to give it up. Luckily, my student budget didn't stop me from collecting pieces to embrace it. Do not underestimate the Great British High Street. It's great for a reason.

#StudentLife: The First Freak Out

First off, happy Friday! You made it through the week! Almost. I'm in my third week at University and the panic is starting to bubble. I'm sure for many of you the Fresher's Flu has kicked in, I know that I can't sit in a class without at least 15 people coughing or sneezing. Oh ALL the germs! Luckily, I've saved myself from it. Probably because I've barely been "out out".  Bad Fresher, I know! But I can't go out. I'm too busy FREAKING THE FUCK OUT!

One girl in my seminar asked the lecturer if it was normal to cry so early on. "Yes" was the answer. Thank God! Last night I cried, ate tons of chocolate, ignored all responsibilities and watched makeup tutorials.  There's no stress in watching Shaaanxo talking about how much she loves lipsticks. But there is stress in trying to break down an essay you know nothing about.

At school, three years ago, the information and main points of an essay were right there in a textbook. At college all we had to write about was what we did. "I walked across the stage and folded by arms. This portrayed my moody attitude". Simple.  Now, it's "Here's an essay title. Give me answers".
Oh buggar.

I tried. I read loads of articles and ebooks online that were suggested, I followed up some of the references (let's not talk about Harvard Referencing JUST yet), and got NOTHING! I was writing down quotes which probably aren't even valid for my essay, I forgot to make a note of the reference of half of what I wrote down and then I stopped. I looked at my laptop and thought;

"I have no idea what I'm doing" 

I feel like I am really out of my depths and already failing. I don't understand how so many people can do this uni thing and be okay. School did not prepare me for this. School failed to prepare me for a lot of things, but you'd think they would teach you how to write and study for University considering the amount of pressure they put on kids to actually go to uni! How to find Pi isn't going to help me find examples of Symbolic Power in journalism is it?? NO!

I am also ignoring the fact that I have 2 other essays to do and a heap of reading. Because reading the given texts is actually really important apparently.

I wish this was an advice post. I really do. It is more of a "If you are struggling and freaking out, you are definitely not alone" post.

Good luck for your future essay endeavours.
I am going to pray for a miracle.