Winter Must Haves With The Tartan Blanket Co

Down from Leith Walk, a new store has popped up for a limited time only. The Tartan Blanket Company has opened it's doors to the public and offering great must haves for your home this winter, as well as some lovely gift ideas. Edinburgh Bloggers were welcomed with open arms from the team to go along to their preview night. 

"In 2014 co-directors and newlyweds, Emma and Fergus Macdonald moved back to Edinburgh and set out to create a unique brand inspired by Scotland, combining high quality products with beautiful design. They came together with the vision of developing a company inspired by their love of Scotland, that would offer the customer fantastic products and a wonderful experience. Working with a small dynamic team The Tartan Blanket Co. came to life, offering a unique collection of beautiful blankets, scarves and home accessories."

The staff was so lovely, they were all so excited that their new store had opened. One of the ladies was saying that she was on their customer service team and how great it was to actually see people holding the products for the first time. Prosecco was flowing, blankets were unravelling and scarves were scarfing. It was a fabulous evening. The fact that it was home grown in Edinburgh just makes it all the more special. More reason to shop for the most unique designs. 

The store has been made up into sections with their blankets and scarves presented neatly. You have a cosy, Christmassy corner with traditional patterns, a Christmas tree and comfortable seating and on the other, the staff named it the colourful corner. They are also selling some beautiful original prints. 
The store itself has been their warehouse for the past year as they sell from online but have decided to set up a shop until Christmas Eve. So don't miss out! 

You can order and have a look for yourself over at

Thursday Thoughts: Stop the War

Image from channel4 news

This morning I heard on the news that David Cameron is planning on carry out the airstrikes in Syria. He claims that we must think of our nations safety (yes, good) and that Isil (or ISIS) is a growing threat. Well, you can't argue with that. However, what you can argue, and I do argue is that the airstrikes from the UK to Syria might not be the best answer on keeping us safe.

This major action has been driven from the recent terror attacks in Paris and threats in Belgium which has been found to be 'inside jobs'. If Britain is going to be attacked I believe that we will be whether or not the airstrikes go ahead. In fact, the airstrikes are only going to encourage terror to us.
How can Cameron justify this? If you listen to his statement, it is weak. All he talks about is 'questioning' the safety of our nation but doesn't actually say how the airstrikes will keep us safe-apart from bringing down an entire radical, extremist group-and by bombing areas, he thinks that will work.
I don't know what is going through Cameron's mind! Does he think every single member is just sitting around playing cards and that can just wipe them out just like that?
Oh and of course more blood shed due to these airstrikes. Great... (massive eye roll).
The thing is, there is already airstrikes in Syria and Iraq from the US, France as they believed it would weaken ISIS. That was a year ago and now there is more terror that before. Does Cameron really think by adding to it and going to war will the solution? It's mad!

The money that is being spent (tax payers money) on these awful airstrikes should be put to use on staying in the country and increasing our defence on our home land. If there are suspicions of a threat, the Government and security should be able to act fast to keep it controlled. Money should be spent so that there is a system of defence all over the country and to keep the people of Britain safe. Thousands of refugees are migrating here for sanctuary from these terrors that Cameron wants to add to, they shouldn't be fearing for their lives in their new home as soon as they arrive! We need this to be a safe place for everyone living here!

My fear is that these airstrikes will lead to what will be known as WWIII. Because it definitely seems that way. But I am a true believer, and always have been, that you cannot fight hate with hate.

If you want to prevent the airstrikes too, you can sign the petition on 
There will be protests around the UK against the bombing of Syria.  More information on the website.

Chilled Days with Go Customized*

With the winter nights drawing in, I find myself reluctant to leave my flat. It's so cold and windy outside and I have everything I need at home.
I have my coffee, food supply, laptop and phone with a new cover from

Of course, I have to venture out to go to Uni so thats where I socialise. I don't know about you, but the winter makes me a little anti social. And now that I have a functioning laptop, I can watch all the series to my hearts content.

I have just finished watching My Mad Fat Diary on 4OD and it is so good! It's set in the 90s so you should just watch it for the soundtrack at least.

With being stuck in the flat, I have been your average young adult with my phone as an extension of my arm. This has only been made easier with my new light personalised iPhone 4 phone case. Go Customised got in touch and told me about their services. They offer personalised phone cases but it doesn't stop there. You get to create your own cover for a laptop or tablet cover too. They also have templates you can use. I think it would make such a cute wee gift.
I went with a photo of my one true love. Coffee. With the caption, "Make Coffee Not War".
This time I got one for myself, but I think I've got some Christmas ideas now.

Yes! I said the C word! This is just the beginning. I will be getting my Christmas jumpers and tinsel out any day now! I just love getting all snuggly on the couch and relaxing. It's the best part of Winter!

Thursday Thoughts: Pet Peeves

You know those days where everything just ticks you off? Or what I like to call, the days where everyone wants to piss you off on purpose and makes sure they go through all your pet peeves? 
I had one of those days this week. 

Look, I'm a very kind and caring person, but there are some things in life that have to be done in the right way. MY way. I'm not controlling...okay maybe a little...but it's for the good of the human race! Or just the people around me. So without further or do, here are my top 8 pet peeves:

1. Dirty dishes. 
I shall not elaborate on this. That would be a whole different blog post. 

2. People abbreviating words in speech
Even though I do it too, and can't stop saying "v" for very or lol, it really grinds on me! So I'm my own worst pet peeves. Legit. 

3. Overflowing bins. 

4. People eating loudly. Like, don't mean to be rude but SHUT THE FUCK UP! I want to have my lunch in peace without hearing the tomato pasta symphony that's going on inside your mouth! 

5. Leaving plugs and lights on
Save the planet and the electricity bills. 

6. People watching me eat. 
Like seriously, don't stare at me. I once slapped a girl because she wouldn't stop looking at me while I ate a cheese sandwich. 

7. Getting interrupted or talked over. 

8. Heavy breathing
Especially on public transport. Like, stop breathing your germy germs at me! 

The biggest thing overall that annoys me is actual pet peeves in general. The fact that I have these, and more, annoying pet peeves is a pet peeve in itself. I go to bed hating everyone and everything. What's an irritable girl to do! 

What are your pet peeves? What do you do about it?

Welcome to My Wardrobe: The Autumn Pinafore

Are we still in Autumn? I have no idea! Anyway, this is one of most favourite purchases this season. I have been loving the chord one from Topshop, but at their prices, my student budget couldn't quite stretch. I picked up with green/khaki suedette pinafore dress from Exhibit for a measly £16!! That's right, £16! So what did I do? I bought another one in red. How can I not at that price! 

The Little Details

The dress is perfect! It nips me in at the waist and has a slight a-line skirt which is my go-to look at the moment. This green one is slightly smaller than the red but it has adjustable straps so you can determine the length. Keeping it cosy, I pair with a black turtle neck from Primark and gold necklace. I think I could take this into spring summer with a crop top. I wore this dress to the Ted and Muffy event and my new boots (which I'm still waiting for) went perfectly with it! I added the little burgundy touches in celebration for the festive season. The lights are going up in Stirling, I have my parka and complaining that I have no winter shoes. Tis the season to be jolly! 

In the look:
Pinafore Dress: Exhibit
Hat: Primark
Bag: River Island
Jewellery: Primark

#Studentlife : Cheap Eats

Urgh "student life!" That's the phrase I say everytime when I open my fridge. I look at my shelf that only consists of cheese, a fushty cucumber and something wrapped in foil, that I can't bear to touch.
It's a life of scrimping and saving and deciding that your bottle of savers vodka is more needed that your weekly shop. So what can you do when you are really needing some proper food on a budget? I have some ideas!

Pasta bakes!
Pasta is your best friend! I really dont like pasta, but student life has forced me to eat to. I sort of have learnt deal with it. Add cheese, melt it, add herbs and tomato pasta sauce and you've got a pretty substantal meal. Add veg to try and get some vitamins. Just because you're a student doesn't mean you can't have glowing skin.

Eggs are cool!
Scrambled, poached, boiled, fired. They are filling and a great source of protein which is good when
you can't afford you normal meats. And quiches are actually v easy to make;
Roll out pastry (can get it cheap at lidl)
Fill with veg and cheese and pour whisked egg into it. Bake.
Satisying meal for two days.

Spaghetti on Toast!

I've heard some people say this is "pauper food", yeah. LOL. Welcome to Student life. But c'mon; bread, spaghetti and cheeky cheese and you had a yummy lunch. The tomato sauce counts as 1 of your 5 a day too.

Rice dishes.
Now these are really handy. You can make a heap, and have it for left overs, lunch and dinner. Add chicken stock, frozen veg and chicken and bish, bash bosh, substantial meal.

Shop at night.
Night owls! This ones for you! Go to your supermarket in the evening and night. That's when the markets chop prices of veg, meat and pretty much any food that is on it's "best before" date. Now listen up! The "Best Before Date" is just a date the supermarkets use to cover their backs. The food is fine! The Use by date is one to really look at. Some say you shouldn't eat it after the Use by date, but I haven't had any problems with yoghurt or veg after one or two days after. Meat, I'd be a bit more precocious. So, anyways, when you've got your discousnted food from the shop, hopefully you've taken full advantage and stocked up, you FREEZE IT! If you know you're not oging to eat it within a few days, freeze it and keep it for longer. Bread, meat and veg can all be frozen. It's so handy!

Plan it
This one I can never do. But I know it does work if you're organsied. Plan your meals. Make left overs for lunch or dinner for another day. You can also freeze what you have left over and have that whenever you fancy. Actually, forget pasta, the freezer is your new BFF!

If worst comes to the worst, scrounge.

There's always one, might as well be you! But suggest a group dinner so that next week you can make something for other people to repay the favour. It's nice to be nice.

Any other student meal ideas? Right now, I'm specifically looking for healthy options, so comment below!

Thursday Thoughts: The Perfect Blogger

 I have decided on doing a lifestyle series. Along with my fashion posts and student posts I want to make sure I was still giving you my little thoughts on life and other little things that I have thoughts about. So the title's pretty self explanatory really. IT DOES WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN!

So, "The Perfect Blogger" is something that I have been thinking about quite a lot in the past couple of months. We have all seen the rise of the bloggers like Zoe Sugg and Tanya Burr which, I feel, has influenced quite a few people to start blogging for the same success. This means there is so much more competition in the blogging community to be seen and to have that certain "look". Many people are striving to be the "perfect blogger".

What exactly makes the perfect blogger? Through some extensive, scientific research (casually reading blogs and scrolling instagram), I have seen the secrets. By following these, it appears that you can be perfect.

1: Get a camel duster coat.
2: Use a beauty blender.
3: Have 2005 make up brushes.
4: Pastels EVERYWHERE.
5: Have pets.
6: A themed instagram. Usually colour coordinated.
7: Blogger boyfriend
8: If pastels don't work then a monochrome theme is the only other answer.
9: Release a book.
10: Have perfect hair.

Now, I don't know about you, but I don't have many of these. I don't suit the camel colour, I don't have enough pink things to have an "insta-theme", I have 3 make up brushes and my hair is uncontrollable.  Does this mean I'm a shit blogger? Nah. I don't think so.  Obviously, I'm just have a bit of joke with that list, but I do have a point. There seems to be a huge amount of pressures on bloggers nowadays to fit a certain criteria and to feel valued. I tried to create a theme on my instagram and I tried to make a strict blogging schedule, but you know what? It's not easy, I don't have a schedule in life and my blog reflects me. As bloggers we should you know, "keep it real". The best blogs that I read are the ones that tell it how it is! If you feel like you're forcing yourself to blog a certain way, or feel stressed when criticising your own blog, then stop. Relax.

Blogs don't have to be magazines!

I am sick of seeing those "glossy" types on blogs. Where everything is just so picture perfect. The beautiful thing about bloggers, is that we are real people with opinions and passions and when you can see that in a blog, whether you have lifestyle, beauty or fashion blog; it is such a good read and a sense of realism.

I know my photography is rubbish, my photos are usually taken on my iPhone 4 and most #OOTD are selfies in a dirty mirror but that's my life. I can't work my actual camera and I cba cleaning my mirror or getting my tripod back from my pal. Despite this, I'm really proud of my little blog.

In a world where we are consumed by the media and what we read in magazines and newspapers are so tailored to a certain agenda, it's so refreshing to see bloggers with a mind of their own and not conforming to the "perfect" standards of what has fed to us. If we keep it up, as a community, I feel like we could make a difference. It's almost revolutionary.

Best Foot Forward with Ted and Muffy*

BOOTS! Boots everywhere!

Last week Edinburgh Bloggers were invited to the launch of Ted and Muffy store on Castle Street. Ted and Muffy were previously known as Duo but after some time, founders, Ted and Muffy, decided that they had lost the touch that made their brand special. So, they went back to basics, found their magic and re-launched as Ted and Muffy!

Ted and Muffy "work with carefully selected, artisan European shoemakers and nothing inspires us more than watching them work. We go to great lengths to source the finest Italian leathers and suedes with which they expertly craft our collections, bringing our designers’ visions to life".

 The ladies at Ted and Muffy welcomed us with some fizz and nibbles and let us have a look round the store to get a proper feel of their new lines and fabulously magical footwear. They have a range of ankle boots, calf length boots, knee high boots, thigh high boots, flat shoes, flat boots and shiny shoes. And Breathe. 

Overwhelming right? 

Yeah, I felt it too!  

personalised name cards for us for the night

We were very lucky and were able to have a choice of a pair of shoes or boots in celebration of their launch and it was THE MOST STRESSFUL THING EVER! 
To be fair, the fitters were so lovely and helpful. They measure your calf and foot width to make sure that you get the perfect shoe fit that Cinderella would be proud of! 

But c'mon! How is a girl with a shoe and shopping addiction meant to choose out of the most wonderful choice of footwear?! I spent around 20 minutes looking at every pair. Am I too short for knee length? Are my legs too big for calf lengths? What size of heel? Do I get a heel? Will my back hurt in flats-like always? What colour do I get?
But my main dilemma was this; 
Do I go for something that I will wear very regularly or do I pick a pair that is just so fabulous and an "every now and again" pair? So I went in wanting a practical flat boot, because I never buy myself any decent flat shoes. 

I walked out with an order for The Empress thigh boots on the far left. 


Oh well. I can't wait to get them because they are so perfect! Fits like a glove and considering they're a heeled boot (not that heels bother me #shortgirlproblems), they are so comfy! I already have 5 outfits that they can go with! You can see how I styled them here. 

Massive thigh high thank you to the ladies at Ted and Muffy for hosting a wonderful evening and helping us girls out finding our perfect footwear!