My Little Christmas Day

There are two types of people at Christmas. The 'Buddy the Elf' type or 'The Grinch' type. I am, self confessed, a total Grinch.  The hype, the greed and the stress just isn't my cup of tea. Which is why this year, I did my Christmas shopping in one day (over and done with) and sort of forgot about the festive period. Like, I had exams and drama going on so the sleigh bells jingling were the last thing I wanted to hear. Until I got on the train up north. 

I spent the Christmas week with my second family in my home town, Elgin. After a mega stressful December, it was just what the doctor ordered. 

Usually, I don't get up till about 11am on Christmas and after about 3 cups of coffee me and mum would open our gifts but this year...there was a shock to the system. Mama Judes (my second mum/auntie type) woke me, Charlie and Rosie up with Christmas songs and orange juice at 7:45. I repeat-7:fucking45. First thought was, I need a nap. But you know, it wasn't too bad. Might as well make the most of the day, right?  We opened presents, had coffee and a bacon roll. And a nap. I had the most relaxing and wonderful Christmas. And I had ALL the food! We just vegged out on the couch with film after film and drink after drink. Can't ask for anything more!

This was actually my first Christmas without Mum as she spent it in Wales but the people I was with are just like my family. I have grown up with them since I was 9, you know, I've become like part of the furniture there. And at the age of 21, the presents don't matter (although they spoiled me rotten with a pandora ring!), the best part of it was spending it with the people who have been there for me and experiencing one of the best Christmases together. AWWW! 

Oh and it's good to be back on the blog! I'm feeling motivated again and I'm hoping to get the blogging ball rolling once more. 

Hope you all had a good new year!

BRB Taking A Little Break.

Things are just getting a bit busy all of sudden and sadly my blog is going to have to take a back seat for now.

Despite having a list of blog posts, outfit shoot ideas and my plan of youtube videos-that I was determined to start in September- I still have been quiet on the blog. Honestly, it's just getting a bit too much. I have exams coming up (just over week ohmygod I have done nilch!), planning for Christmas and a bit of mad drama is happening all at the same time. Luckily, I pride myself in being resilient and am determined to focus on my studies as of today but I am going to take a blogging break. 

I am really nervous about this because, my blog is like my baby. But I WILL be back in the New Year with a GIVEAWAY (oooooh)! I also will have a line of blog post, hopefully with a new camera, and will be putting effort into my posts again. 

But all is not lost you find me on Twitter and Instagram where I will be active as always. 

So please stick around, there are plenty of posts in the archives and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

 See you in 2016!!! 

Thursday Thoughts: How I Relax

I failed to sleep well last night. After it was announced that Britain are to join the airstrikes, I couldn't help but feel infuriated with the Government and worried for our future. I'm not going to get into it all on here, but I have always been strongly against violence of any kind and you can't fight fire with fire. It really shook my nerves. Along with that, I have exams coming up, an essay deadline TOMORROW and a few other mega stressful things which are really waking my anxiety up. Not great when I have to focus on revision and finishing a 2500 word essay. 

So, what do you do when you just can't get a grip? You know, when you are too stressed or anxious to even form a train of thought? You stop and breathe. 

Deep breathing as been proven to calm nerves. It slows down the heart rate which has been increased by the panic which then cuts your oxygen intake. So stop. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Just concentrate on your breathing. Listen to your lungs expanding and exhaling. 

I also root myself into the ground. An early meditation technique my Nana taught me. Imagine roots coming out of your feet and sinking to the ground. When I get anxious, it feels like there's tons of bats flapping around my head, mixing all my thoughts up and like, a giant cloud of fog just gets in there. 'Putting my roots down' enforces the notion to feel settled, strong and with the deep breathing, focused. It gives me a chance to feel at ease and focus on what I need to do. Today, it was, not to get worked up about one thing, but to focus to finishing my essay. Because I need to pass it to carry on my degree. Then I can be a fabulous success! *hair flick*

Yoga and Tai-Chi are actually the best! I don't do it often or for very long, but sometimes, for about five minutes when I'm really freaking out, I will do some moves, like the warrior stance just so my focus is on something else rather than my worries. The breathing and good strong posture are crucial for this so it re-blances my core and energy, allowing my mind to connect to with my body as one. 

Have a go, see how you feel and let me know how you relax when the going gets tough.