Dear blog, it's time to talk

I know, it's been a while.

I almost forgot my login details. I forgot that I haven't updated my display picture to my latest short hair cut (yeah-short). I'm sorry that this little space on the internet has been dormant. I'm sorry I have been failing to get in touch with this little blog or even share your contents on twitter.

But it's not you. It's me.

The balance between work, education and social life is a hard one. An unequal one, where I haven't yet found a space for you. Strange, as I'm studying to be a writer, a journalist, and yet I'm struggling to write. I'm a writer who hasn't been writing. The mistake is wholly mine. I find myself caught up in late night drinking, last night lusting and early morning regrets. You're young, I attempt to justify myself as I miss another lecture or having to face a class with the stamp from the club on my wrist like it's Voldemort's dark mark. But this is at a cost. A cost of my other passion. The passion that actually keeps me going and doesn't leave in the morning. My writing. My yearn for success. And I'm ready to change.

I'm ready to focus on the course work and my development as a writer. And this is when I turn to you, little blog.

For the past three years, you have been there. You've held my thoughts, fashion and sponsored words, never leaving my mind. For that reason, I'm not ready to quit. It is time to change.
I'm pin-pointing my focus onto the words, my thoughts on society and the world we live in. Even before Little Kaatie's Little Thoughts was put into the world wide web, I wanted to make a change, make people think.  Therefore, my content will be shifting to these thoughts. My fashion posts will be few, sponsored posts will be fewer and my content, with hope, will be stronger.

It may take a while to get this where I want it, but all good things are worth the wait. I might write absolute awful posts that readers will quickly press the x to, but I may write something that might get someone to stay longer than 3 lines down. Who knows.

All I know is, dear blog, I'm here with my thoughts and I know you will wait for them. Together, this change will make us grow-metaphorically speaking of course.

I'll be your Galway Girl

"And I ask you, friend, what's a fella to do

Cause her hair was black and her eyes were blue

And I knew right then I'd be takin' a whirl

'Round the Salthill Prom with a Galway girl"

Aah Galway! You humbly sit in my top 3 favourite cities, with your narrow cobbled streets, a glistening harbour and traditional Irish buildings. The city is situated in the West of the Emerald Isle and during the summer the streets are alive with buskers as the tourists, students and locals huddle around between their shopping trips. Of course, I want to be a part of it.

Be Abnormal with Deciem Beauty*

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a beauty rut? Using the same products over and over again? My rut got shaken up with products from Deciem*, The abnormal beauty company*, leaving me thinking, how have I ever lived without them?

Fringe Thoughts: Aaand Now For Something Completely Improvised

I like to start my day off with a smile and a good laugh. A comedy show just before lunch time is perfect to get you into the swing of things on a Fringe day. I got into Edinburgh at 11am to catch Aaand Now For Something Completely Improvised at 11:45 and it was worth getting up at 8am for. Racing Minds is the theatre company behind this fun show and have strongly established themselves as a leading improv theatre group at the Edinburgh Fringe. 

The quintet hand over the control with the audience, involving us as soon as we step through the door. Welcoming us is the Butler who hands out sweets (the no sweets from strangers rule goes out the window), and Grandad trying to remember the characters of his storybook to read to his grandchildren. Over to the audience where, on this occasion, audience members named the book's antagonist Cedric, and it's set in Narnia (think copyright rule goes through the window too) and is secretly the 'love child of Donald Trump'.

Image from

Keeping to this skeleton of a plot, 4 actors, kept in time with live music from Dylan Townley, takes us on a unpredictable journey as they tell the story, switching characters and costumes with smart wit and questionably below the belt one liners. I don't know if it was the Trump influence, but in this case, there were a lot of political comments, showing they weren't afraid to show their stance or highlight controversial topics. As one of the actors kept bringing up Turkey in his jokes, the other actors awkwardly looked at each other until someone else interrupted by highlighting how they might end up in prison. The jokes then moved on to Trump himself which became a good catalyst for the turning point and, oddly enough, saviour of the day.

Jokes aside, the topics that were highlighted throughout proved an awareness of what has, and currently is going on in the world. Although they are a comedic group, they prove their intelligence, and an English degree in some cases, which gains my respect and gave the audience ‘food for thought’. Described as a ‘family show’, although they gave the adults lines to giggle at, the over the top, dislocated arm movements, from actor Daniel Roberts had the audience in tears as he knocked over the bit of the set.

The show is perfectly imperfect, and nor do they take them selves seriously, but they do guarantee a seriously good laugh and an enjoyable afternoon. No two will ever be the same and with every year they return to the Fringe, they are sure becoming one of the best improvisation groups to star.  

Thursday Thoughts: Problematic Positivity

"Don't worry. Be happy"

I've lost count the amount of times people have said that to me as my mind reels off into a whirlwind of anxiety and worry. I take a deep breath and stretch a smile across my face. Keep positive and everything will be okay. That's the mantra that I took on for the past couple of years. I found myself wholly happy for the first time and wanted to keep that feeling forever. I avoided anything that could knock me back and tried to rise above any obstacle with my strong, overly positive attitude. That worked out...for a bit.

How To Fringe It In A Day

Time is of the essence. As Colin Cloud said in his mind blowing show, Expose (9pm at The Fringe), "We are all running out of time", so naturally when I am only through in Edinburgh for the day, I want to to get all the greatness that the Fringe Festival has to offer. I have been a strong supporter and go-er of this festival, the only festival I have not missed for the past 6 years and I'll say it, it's better than Christmas. It comes around once a year, the city is alive with everyone from all over the world, flyers fly towards you as you run and duck towards your next show and still, it's a festival you do not want to miss.

Finding My Vice: A Review

 Some smoke, some drink and I shop. Most recently my hand has been reaching out to make up over clothes as a form of retail therapy (seriously, that stuff works). I've been working hard and after a few rubbish days and not finding comfort in H&M, a new 'treat yo self' lipstick called my name. After reading Claire's review of Urban Decay lipsticks, I quickly found myself in Debenhams and already had an idea of my next lippy companion. It would be a therapeutic tool in the most calming pink shade.

#STUDENTLIFE: Grab A Grad Job*

No, I haven't graduated. I still have a long 3 years ahead, but that doesn't stop me from thinking about that wonderful moment of throwing the cap in the air. I am seeing the majority of people I went to school with graduate this year and as the novelty of caps and gowns wear off, the fear of finding a graduate job is begining to hit. Well you've worked so hard, partied harder, I suppose you'd want to do something with that degree right? So I've searched high and low and found some tips.

War And Peace

For weeks we have been begging for a summer and as soon we got it. All at once. The temperature in Stirling, scorched our un-expecting skin at 27 degrees. Typically British of me, I quickly dashed the shady areas of the town and complained it was too hot. There's no pleasing us is there? In fact, I have found myself complaining a lot recently.  Most recently the Trident debate had me riled up and I needed some fresh air. To be honest, I was in the right mind to get down to London to protest with the Stop The War campaigners but alas, I found slight comfort in my wardrobe and used what I had to show my stance on the situation. (Heads up, there's a tangent)

Edinburgh's Foodies Festival Competition* CLOSED

Food, glorious food!  

We are a nation that love food and loves trying food from different cultures. Luckily for us, the Foodies Festival is coming to Edinburgh from the 5-7th of August. Foodies Festival is recognised as the second best celebration for food and drink, and with that Edinburgh's Foodies Festival offers a vast amount of fun to get involved in.

Thursday Thoughts: Summer's Sexualisation

Okay, so we may not have had the summer that we were hoping for. But we had some good days. Summer is the time when we can ditch the jumpers and opt for a t shirt, dress or shorts, a little less clothing. Like, it's hot out there, and especially those from Scotland, we can't handle it too well. There's one more thing I can't handle in the summer...the wolf whistles, the cat calls and the sexualised comments that are made as I walk into town in my skirt and crop top.

Pokémon Go! And So They Went.

No one likes being a third wheel. It's awkward and can sometimes be lonely. I am currently a third wheel as my friends are gripping to their love of their lives AKA their Pokémon.

Listen Up! Johannesburg. Album Review.

Does anyone else get a sense of excitement when a band appear on the radio or spotify after a dormant period?

Imagine this, I'm sitting in front of my mirror concentrating on my winged eyeliner (not triangles on the side of my face, as my nana calls them, wings) and I hear a familiar voice come from my laptop. Eyeliner comes to a halt. It can very much wait.

Dear Media, Don't Tell Me What To Wear

I was mindlessly scrolling through facebook, quickly passing by the #blessed beach selfies and the generic click bait articles until one click bait image forced me to stop and eye roll.
Underneath a suggestive photo of a man and a woman, the tagline went something along the lines of; "What underwear should you be wearing for him? Hint. A thong. Always a thong".

EVERYDAY GRWM: High Street brands

Blogger's Block.

I think a lot of people go through it. You lie in bed one night, usually some silly hour in the early morning, mind bursting with ideas and plans for you little space on the internet. You wake up and suddenly the fresh day light has wiped clean your ideas and things in the morning, as per, are not as attractive as they were the night before.

Thursday Thoughts: I Stand With Love

Speechless. Disgusted. Infuriated.

That's how I felt when I heard about the massacre in Orlando. How can someone kill another human being? Gun attacks are horrifyingly becoming the norm on the news, but that doesn't make them any easier to comprehend or get use to hearing. It's sick. It's sick that a man can believe that he has the right to choose whose life should end based on his own narrow minded, homophobic, twisted opinion. For friends, families, survivors and the city, things will never be the same. How can someone hate the way others live so much?

EU MakeUp Haul

Following from my Germany posts (here and here) I thought I ought to tell you about the make up (mainly lipsticks) that I picked up on my holiday. I couldn't resist. Germany has brands that I've never heard of and OH MY GOD so flipping cheap that I was like that little child in Tesco who is allowed to fill up the Pic A Mix tub even though they've been eating the sweets for the whole shopping trip and has the sugar shakes. Yeah. That excited. I have a thing for lipsticks at the moment, I have been watching a lot of make up tutorials so naturally make up collection continues to grow and German and European brands are just too tempting. 

Love From Germany (Part 2)

I knew as soon as I arrived in Bamberg I knew that my blog post would have to be split. Despite Bamberg being a small town in Bavaria, it has a huge amount of history and the architecture is breath taking. I probably became a bit obsessed with the houses and the cute windows (yes this post is v photo heavy #sorrynotsorry) I couldn't help it, the brightness of the buildings and the details was a fresh sight from the grey buildings of Scotland. 

How To Wear Crop Tops

Long ago when this blog was just a little baby, I wrote a post on crop tops when they were breaking into our wardrobes for the first time since the 90s. Now they come in different shapes and sizes and there are styles out there for you to rock the trend this summer.

Love From, Germany (Part 1)

If you've missed my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts (why did you miss them?!), I went to Germany! I have been planning it since Christmas and the build up of excitement was explosive as soon as I sat down on the plane to Munich. I had never been to Europe before but for the past 2 years I had been attracted to Germany. There was just something about it that made me desperately want to visit. Just my luck to find a friend at uni from Germany who invited me over during the summer and it was everything and more.

Thursday Thoughts: Accepting My Body

I like my body. I like the way my waist goes in. I like the way my bum curves round. I like my legs. In fact, I love my legs. They carry me and take me places. My calves look slender when I wear heels. My stomach may not be toned but I like it. I check myself out when I walk past a window and give the woman looking back at me a grin and a high five. And it's about bloody time!

#STUDENTLIFE: Summer Struggles

It has been waaay too long since I did one of these. And yes I know, you're thinking, what, but Katie, Uni is over for the summer! It's time to relax and celebrate! Uh-hu. I'm sure it is. Except one thing...we're still broke.
And even more student loan until September.

Summer for a student can either be the best time or the not so best time. I am staying in Stirling while everyone else has gone home and my holiday away has been and gone. What now? I'm skinto and uni isn't even there to give me something to do!My heart sunk when I got my last SAAS payment this month. If you're smart (like me-don't mean to boast) you should have kept some money back from the big chunk we get at the start of the year, that could cover at least another month's rent. You only have to worry about another 4 months of rent to find (ahahhaha *dies inside*). But if you got carried away with seeing the pennies in you're bank, like we all do, this summer might be a little concerning. Especially if you're not one of the students who goes back home.
I had a little panic about what I would do do recently, but after a few deep breaths, cups of tea and plenty of biscuits, I have come up with solutions to put minds at ease.

Catch Up With a Cuppa

I don't often do these sort of 'catch up/life lately' posts but I feel like after a week away and blogging about events, I have become sort of disconnected from my blog. It happens! So how about a catch up? Grab a cuppa and I've got the biscuits.

Ultimo Styling. Ultimo Fun

It has taken me a few years to appreciate my smaller assets...or should I say boobettes. I'm not a chesty girl and underwear has proven to be a tricky one to master. Like, why are bra straps so long? #shortandsmallproblems. Yet, I have learnt to appreciate the smaller things in life and they still deserve to be dressed in something pretty, right? Luckily me, my two little friends and a few of the Edinburgh Blogger gang were invited to House of Frasers, Jenners to have a look at the new Ultimo lingerie range and style one of their new lines as part of the trend 'underwear and outerwear'.

I Dream Of Shapes and Scottish Bloggers

I formally invite you to gaze upon the magic that is I Dream Of Shapes. Created by Samantha Bowie and Lorna Mackie, this new independent clothing label combines inspirations from both Edinburgh and Berlin to create unique sillouetes with unique tailoring. A group of Scottish Bloggers were invited to the studio at Flamingosauraus Rex to check out the new lines and show them off.  And the most exciting part? They will be sold at the new Flamingosaurus Rex art and design studio opening in Bruntsfield which is having a launch night on Friday 13th May.
A new season, a new brand, new shop all calls for you to invest in something completely new and fresh.

Nandos' New Summer Scran

As the sun made an appearance across Scotland this week, we got very excited about the prospect of sun tans and open toe shoes. But what made us more excited? Nando's is releasing their new Spring/Summer menu and me and Sophie from  were given the chance to try it out. How can I turn down a cheeky Nandos? (That's the last time I'll use that phrase, I promise).

The Power Of Perseverance

As my first year of University is drawing to an end, I find myself reflecting over the past 10 months. I feel a change within myself, a shift in perspective and wants.

Hunted Vintage: For The Rebels and The Rogues

"Inspired by the rogues, the rebels and the Underground Kings. Hunted SS16 is a collation defining self-expression". 

For many, a wardrobe is not just a random collection of clothes. Each piece is carefully inspected and selected to act as a representation of its owner. If you're a vintage shopper, you wont pick 'any old hat', you will choose one to suit that will be your treasure from the junk.  Nicole Perry has taken this

Spring and Stripes

In true Scottish style, as soon as there is an essence of sun, the summer wardrobe and bright tones quickly come out the wardrobe. It has got me all excited for spring. Finally I can start ditching my black and burgundy clothes and what way to start Spring off with a bright orange, off the shoulder top, from Nobody's Child. I have been wanting to show it off for ages and then while I waited for the snow and hail stones to stop I accidentally bought a whole new outfit with jeans and boots. Whoops. 

I met up with photographer Jasmine from A Couple Of Photos and we had a stroll around Edinburgh and took some photos in between the wintery showers-yes it hail stoning and snowing in between shots-thanks Scotland. Despite the weather, It was so much fun! Jasmine has been in Edinburgh for 6 years with her partner and other half of 'A Couple of Photos' and like me, fell in the love city. I love hearing how other people have come to live in Edinburgh. It is the city that brings people together and quickly, through the help of twitter, brought me and Jasmine together.

The orange stripes just scream 70's to me and is bang on trend with the bardot neckline. Teamed with my faux suede jacket thing (cardigan maybe?) I think I've added that bohemian twist that I just love. With an off the shoulder neckline, the detail is from your own collar bone and does not need to be pulled away with any necklaces. I like to add my jewels in the form or rings and bracelets when I'm leaving out a necklace. Besides, they only get caught in my hair anyway. #hairyproblems.

 I thought maybe it was all a bit too bright, but that's because in Scotland, we've been stuck in the dark months, dark clothes and snow for too long. Anything out of the colour spectrum between black and grey is all a bit scary for us. So with the sun peaking out, it is the perfect time to splash the lighter tones with light denim jeans and nude boots. Lighter denim offers a perfect vintage vibe and gives a little nod to the 70's and even 90's depending on how you wear them. 

With short legs comes high heels and these boots from Public Desire are the perfect pair for spring. Nude shoes will go with everything and I was surprised at how comfortable they were. I'm forever planning outfits to go around these boots and were one of the reasons why I bought these jeans. I definitely needed another pair of jeans, okay? Just like I needed another pair shoes.

I have to thank Jasmine so much for these photos. There are more here and you will probably see more pop up on instagram and throughout future blog posts. She is Edinburgh based and she is just fabulous! She makes me look like a proper blogger, right?

Good Brands And Good Blogging

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on my bad experiences with some brands through blogging and I'm seeing more bloggers sticking up for themselves when brands try to take advantage of us (Yay!). As respect is a two way thing, I wanted to shine some glittery light onto the brands that I have had a pleasure of working with because I didn't want to discourage anyone from working with brands. When brands respect you, and you respect them, it can be a beautiful thing and can make very good blog content.

My latest collaboration has been with (notice the little box on the right hand side). Not only do they sell sassy products, they ask our advice. I am one of the many 'Brand Ambassadors" or Coconut Queens, as they call it. I like that. I love being a Queen.

 They offer a discount and update us with newsletters to show us their new products. They also are super speedy at replying to any email and there is always a personal tone to their replies. Makes a difference to some of the automated robotic emails I have come across. We get a chance to raise any ideas or if we want to collab with them, the Coconut Lane HQ are very open to it.

Another brand was which gave me a free phone cover to blog about. They were really polite when asking and made sure I had received the product and was happy with it before I blogged about it. They were so nice that I felt bad that my photos came out with such low quality. But hey ho, I didn't have my camera and had to make do with what I had and the folk at Go Customized were happy with my post and shared it. Thanks!

I also have to praise the people at Ted and Muffy. They held an event for us, Edinburgh Bloggers-you can read the post here and the ladies there were so helpful and welcoming. We got given a pair of boots and then I included them in an outfit post here .

photo by Ingvild
 Despite it being a while since I posted it, whenever I share it on social media, Ted and Muffy on twitter always like it and share it. I feel like they really appreciate anyone who blogs and they have replied to the post too, thanking me and referring to the post specifically. It's nice to see that companies actually read what you have spent so much time writing. They appreciate me and I appreciate them. Muchos love to the Ted and Muffy gang!

It really doesn't take much to show a bit of politeness when working with brands and bloggers. Both parties work hard and I always want to make a good effort on a post if I feel like the company actually values me as a blogger and a person. When you find a positive brand to work with, it's important to keep the relationship sweet, you never know when they might want to work with you again, or you might want to continue to work with them too.
These are just a few that I have worked with and over the past two years I've reviewed restaurants, shop launches and new designers. The majority of it has been very positive and I value anyone who is happy to work with me. Like I've said, it's a two way street and I would happily continue to work with brands who suit Little Kaatie. 

So to all the brands and companies I've had the pleasure of working with, I thank you! And here's to another 2 years!