#StudentLife: 12 Thoughts of Every Student

1: I can't wait for the weekend.
2: Are these crisps too loud for the library?
3: I should be doing course work.
4: But ring of fire is a lot more fun.

6: I'll be living off savers beans on toast for the rest of my life.
7: This hangover will kill me oh my god.
8: At least if I die, I won't have to repay my student loan or pay rent.
9: I'm only using the library because it's warmer than my flat.
10: I'm going to be so organised this semester.
11: I can totally write 2500 words in one night. With red bull, coffee and possibly vodka. Most likely vodka.
12: Why do I want this degree again?

What are your student thoughts? Comment and add to the list!

Galevanting on Galentines

It was a "girls rule, boys drool" sort of day. And let's be honest, they are the best days. On the 14th of February Emily, Louise and myself all met up for a proper girly catch up. With work, uni and life, it can be difficult to find time to socialise with your friends and Valentines Galentines day seems totally appropriate. With cute cards included. Since we are now living in different cities, we thought it would be appropriate to meet up in Edinburgh, where our strong love began.  Because I absolutely love them. More than coffee.

The Roseleaf is situated in Leith and has a cute, artisian feel to it with the little china cups and kooky meal titles. The brunch and the cocktails are to die for! I had the cooked breakfast and it was the best thing I have eaten all year. Freshly cooked, prepared and served on a skillet, I felt like the bacon was giving me a hug from the inside (definitely not my arteries freaking out).
The sun was shining on Leith and we were all looking pretty fabulous. Obviously some bloggy photos had to be taken. To quote Emily, "Bloody bloggers".
Hat: Brora
Jacket, boots, bag: H&M
Dress: White Stuff


(We actually used a bin for a tri-pod)
Strange to think that we all met just through blogging. A lot of people would say blogging is anti social and remember how your mum warned you about meeting people off the internet? Well I was just so lucky Louise and Emily weren't raging loonatics wanting my teeth for a necklace. In fact, they are a couple of my favourite people and I wouldn't know what I'd do without them. (Awwww).

How did you spend Valentines day?
Bet my day was better... I got two cards.

VLOG: Valentines, Pancakes and Hipsters

I recently have delved into the world of vlogging (ooooh) and this one is my little thoughts on valentines, pancakes and hipsters. 

*Strong language included*

It's all still very new, this is only my second video and I was hand holding it-whoops. Subscribe if you want. I'm really enjoying making and editing these. This one was about 15mins long and I managed to get it under 3. I'm v proud. 

How are you spending Valentines day?

Bloggers At Brewdog

Fancy a pint? Brewdog serves "Scottish crafted hardcore beer for punks". With a large variety of unique flavours, Brewdog in Stirling. The rustic bar invited Stirling bloggers for an evening for fine beer tasting. Well the staff is so friendly and I can't refuse a blogger night...or a drink. 

Photo by Ingvild Orland

Although they call their event "beer school", don't let the name fool you. There is no test, like I thought, but you do get a history lesson in the crafting of each beer, a tasting lesson and you learn how much you actually appreciate a good beer.  If you want to try exciting beers and have a good night out, then I suggest you get to BrewDog and book your lesson. 

"At Brewdog we are on a mission to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as we are. All we care about is brewing world class craft beer; extraordinary beers that blow people's minds and kick start a revolution."

They started us with a familiar tasting, "This is Lager". But it is not "Just a Lager" (cue M&S soundtrack) it is a light, sweet lager with a hint of lemonade. One thing we learnt was that taste is subjective. But the lager was really easy to drink and I don't think I can pick up a Miller's again.

Talking of picking up drinks, that's exactly how you start the fine beer tasting. You lift it up to the light to see the colour. Turns out, the dark the beer, the sweeter it is. So that perception of a darker liquor being a "man's drink", is quite frankly, lies. My sweet tooth was loving the malty sweetness of 5am Saint and Death by Coconut.  There is also about 5 other steps you have to take and then this breathing thing (exhale when you swallow-best to do it with good tasting things-) to get the full taste and aromas of their quality beer. 

Photo by Ingvild Orland

one of the fruity faves

There was a lot of techniques on smelling beer and tasting it, there was a lot of German beer history and there was also a lot beer tasting so the details are a little fuzzy. #sorrynotsorry. But you don't need me to tell you, you should just get down to your nearest Brewdog bar and learn for yourself. Book a table by email: stirlingbar@brewdog.com 

Thanks to vlogger and photographer Ingvild for the photos. 

Big thank you to Brewdog Stirling for making us feel welcome, making us beer snobs and giving us a great evening! 

Now, go forth and get beer schooled! 


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Thursday Thoughts: Take The Opportunity

Over time we can feel like everyday is the same old day. You get up, go to work, school or university, hang out with friends, go to bed and repeat. So what do you do when an opportunity to change your routine comes about? You bloody well take it. 

I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, that opportunities are given to us by Spirit and it's up to us to decide whether to take them or not.  It doesn't have to be big shiny life changing ones like a new life in New York sort of one, but you never know what might come out of it, what door it could open. 

Last week I FINALLY went to the TV society meeting at Uni. The uni gives us societies as a way of meeting people who share your likes and loves for things, so why not take that as a good opportunity (I'm going to be using that word a lot I think), and just change up your weekly schedule? My Wednesday nights are now no longer about staying in and binge watching Suits (how good is that show though?). 
On that first meeting it was announced that someone from Scotland's national paper is wanting young people interested in journalism and media (my degree by the way) to join him on a project and there was to be a meeting a couple of days later. Well, how could I pass on that? And it turned out to be better than expected. I'm not going into much detail but...watch this space. 

You know, it all just fell into place. I felt excited about life (ohmygod, hashtag loving life, peace sign) and actually I'm really excited about what the future has for me. And I'm not even a third through my degree and I think I'm onto something special. 

Don't fear change. Embrace it. Embrace a new path and a new direction. From something like moving to a different city, looking for a different job or going back to study. Grab the change with both hands! 

It could even be taking an opportunity to simply meet new people, a simple bloggers event perhaps. You have just opened up a world of new experiences and connections just by meeting people, who you wouldn't have met in your everyday routine. You could make a friend from it, you could learn something new and if nothing else, just have a fun time. I mean, you could just sit in and wonder "what if". Well here's the best part: 

That wonder becomes knowing. 

If you say yes to more things, you wont sit there wondering. You will know what will happen and what can happen in the future. Everything you do causes a chain reaction and if you hesitate to take up an opportunity (seriously that is barely looking like a word now), you decrease the chance of a wonderful change. 

So take more chances and say YES to more things. 
And I leave you with my mantra: 

You only have one life, you might as well live it. 

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*images from Pinterest