EVERYDAY GRWM: High Street brands

Blogger's Block.

I think a lot of people go through it. You lie in bed one night, usually some silly hour in the early morning, mind bursting with ideas and plans for you little space on the internet. You wake up and suddenly the fresh day light has wiped clean your ideas and things in the morning, as per, are not as attractive as they were the night before.

Thursday Thoughts: I Stand With Love

Speechless. Disgusted. Infuriated.

That's how I felt when I heard about the massacre in Orlando. How can someone kill another human being? Gun attacks are horrifyingly becoming the norm on the news, but that doesn't make them any easier to comprehend or get use to hearing. It's sick. It's sick that a man can believe that he has the right to choose whose life should end based on his own narrow minded, homophobic, twisted opinion. For friends, families, survivors and the city, things will never be the same. How can someone hate the way others live so much?

EU MakeUp Haul

Following from my Germany posts (here and here) I thought I ought to tell you about the make up (mainly lipsticks) that I picked up on my holiday. I couldn't resist. Germany has brands that I've never heard of and OH MY GOD so flipping cheap that I was like that little child in Tesco who is allowed to fill up the Pic A Mix tub even though they've been eating the sweets for the whole shopping trip and has the sugar shakes. Yeah. That excited. I have a thing for lipsticks at the moment, I have been watching a lot of make up tutorials so naturally make up collection continues to grow and German and European brands are just too tempting. 

Love From Germany (Part 2)

I knew as soon as I arrived in Bamberg I knew that my blog post would have to be split. Despite Bamberg being a small town in Bavaria, it has a huge amount of history and the architecture is breath taking. I probably became a bit obsessed with the houses and the cute windows (yes this post is v photo heavy #sorrynotsorry) I couldn't help it, the brightness of the buildings and the details was a fresh sight from the grey buildings of Scotland. 

How To Wear Crop Tops

Long ago when this blog was just a little baby, I wrote a post on crop tops when they were breaking into our wardrobes for the first time since the 90s. Now they come in different shapes and sizes and there are styles out there for you to rock the trend this summer.

Love From, Germany (Part 1)

If you've missed my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts (why did you miss them?!), I went to Germany! I have been planning it since Christmas and the build up of excitement was explosive as soon as I sat down on the plane to Munich. I had never been to Europe before but for the past 2 years I had been attracted to Germany. There was just something about it that made me desperately want to visit. Just my luck to find a friend at uni from Germany who invited me over during the summer and it was everything and more.