Love From, York

What to do with 48 hours in York...

The F Word

I see people squirm at the word. Crinkling their nose up at it, pursing their lips and a not-so-sly eye roll signalling the, "oh here she goes again" thought.

Should Men "Man-Up"?

He’s done it again. Piers Morgan posted another controversial tweet on Friday in response to Brad Pitt’s recent GQ interview about his divorce and struggles with alcohol addiction. Just days prior to Mental Heath Awareness Week.

Why So Snappy?

Was it a coward move echoing Cameron's move-are things getting too tough for May that she is suggesting a new government to take over Brexit? This is her legacy-following Cameron's Brexit butchering of our country- that was my first thoughts as I sat Wednesday listening to May’s snappy speech.

However, as she spoke, of the ‘hard brexit’ and ‘unity’ blahs-it became apparent to me that her “reluctance of calling an election” was obviously false.

How to deal with the "bleh" days.

They can just happen. Sometimes it's as soon as you wake up slowly the day starts to have this weight upon it and suddenly it's 5pm. You haven't done anything apart from drink copious amounts of coffee and binged through a netflix series. The to do list is collecting dust and uni books are scattered on the bed in a pathetic attempt to do work.

I feel drained, tired and slugging and I have done nothing all day. How has this happened?! I ask myself. I know this feeling well and have kind of figured out how to combat it.

Is Zoella to blame?

Breaking sale records at 78,109 in the first week, Zoe Sugg beat JK Rowling. But is the youtube sensation to blame for the “decline in teenage literacy” as The Guardian's headline suggested?

Stand Against Trump

It is time to stake a stand. The world seems to be in turmoil everywhere you look. Tensions from East to West have been rising and they are only going to develop with the Presidency of Donald Trump.

Ditch the Negativity And Take Control

Easier said than done, I KNOW! God knows, I know! But how many times have you found yourself stressed or feeling down over, what I call 'external reasons'. External reasons are the ones where other people's actions have had an effect on you. It could be something they said or did to you, or to someone else. This is them having control over your emotions. The only person who should control how you feel is you. Not a customer from work, not a flatmate or that person you keep hooking up with. Other people do not deserve the right to make you feel shit.

Doing 2017.

Anyone else feel like 2016 fucked them over a little? By December I questioned where the year went and why did I feel like I had wasted it? Of course I did some great things in 2016 and overall feel very lucky to have visited the places I did and make some really good friends but I can't help feeling like I could have done more. 
2016 fucked us over. Now I'm ready to fuck 2017.

I fear that we have become an observant society. We scroll, look and read about the on-goings of the world, Syria, America, Britain, Europe and even our own towns. We can share and write a tweet about what we want to change or how horrible it is but do we actually do anything? I don't. I continue to sit and scroll further into the mind-numbing Facebook.
We don't all have to be world changers. We don't have to lead protests in the street but this year I want to engage more by talking to more people about these issues, start a conversation over the after work pints. It could all start from a conversation that may prove to be more valuable than giving it a 'like' or 'angry emoji' on Facebook. The power of conversation is priceless. You can learn, teach and find a new passion or subject of interest with people you would never have thought you could have. It can be too easy nowadays to pick up your phone while going for coffee with friends, but instead of instagramming your skinny latte, drink it while it's hot and laugh with your friends as you burn your tongue.

Pro-active is my word of the year. I want to write, create, talk, learn, study and live this year being completely present in the moment. Social media has consumed my life this year, as I waited for replies, likes and comments. I read news, articles, discussions on war, politics, feminism and independent businesses. I liked and shared. It stopped there. 2016 was the year of complaining with eye rolling emoji's as 'more bad news' dropped on my timeline. I complained that I didn't have motivation, that I didn't read as my book collected dust while I scroll instagram for an hour, I complained that I did the same thing every night and continued to do so. I got myself in a cycle and it is now time for it to be broken. So far I have already deleted the facebook app and picked up a book to read. I have come across an online website looking for writers who I'm wanting to apply for and I've decided to have a massive clear out. I feel like I've just hit the refresh button. Something I think a lot of us could do instead of watching re-runs on Netflix.

I'm sick of sitting in bed at the end of day feeling like I've wasted my day. I'm done with waking up with a regrettable hangover. At the end of 2017, I want to feel satisfied with the year, knowing I gave enough fucks to actually do something with my myself.

Time is what you make of it and I want to make the absolute most of this time I am given.

So here's to 2017. Let's see what you've got.