Why So Snappy?

Was it a coward move echoing Cameron's move-are things getting too tough for May that she is suggesting a new government to take over Brexit? This is her legacy-following Cameron's Brexit butchering of our country- that was my first thoughts as I sat Wednesday listening to May’s snappy speech.

However, as she spoke, of the ‘hard brexit’ and ‘unity’ blahs-it became apparent to me that her “reluctance of calling an election” was obviously false.

How to deal with the "bleh" days.

They can just happen. Sometimes it's as soon as you wake up slowly the day starts to have this weight upon it and suddenly it's 5pm. You haven't done anything apart from drink copious amounts of coffee and binged through a netflix series. The to do list is collecting dust and uni books are scattered on the bed in a pathetic attempt to do work.

I feel drained, tired and slugging and I have done nothing all day. How has this happened?! I ask myself. I know this feeling well and have kind of figured out how to combat it.