Crop top: Hot or Not?

As a student I love a good bargain. Whats better than primark? A primark SALE! But is it really worth all of the hastle? We all know the battle field, the struggle to find your size and actually see the clothes.
So when I came across a wee black velvet crop top, in my size and only £2, I had to get it.

It's a lot like the one with model is wearing; 

Although she's not looking too impressed with it either. Eeshk! 

Paired with a high waisted flippy skirt and heels, I felt great and danced my socks offs! Like arms flailing, hair whipping and fist pumping.

 And apparently I danced the dye from the top off too.

Morning after, I go for a shower and I had black dye all around my arms and shoulders. I looked bruised! I look like I had been attacked.

But here's my question, should I actually expect this from clothes whether it's a bargain or not?