Crop top: Hot or Not?

As a student I love a good bargain. Whats better than primark? A primark SALE! But is it really worth all of the hastle? We all know the battle field, the struggle to find your size and actually see the clothes.
So when I came across a wee black velvet crop top, in my size and only £2, I had to get it.

It's a lot like the one with model is wearing; 

Although she's not looking too impressed with it either. Eeshk! 

Paired with a high waisted flippy skirt and heels, I felt great and danced my socks offs! Like arms flailing, hair whipping and fist pumping.

 And apparently I danced the dye from the top off too.

Morning after, I go for a shower and I had black dye all around my arms and shoulders. I looked bruised! I look like I had been attacked.

But here's my question, should I actually expect this from clothes whether it's a bargain or not?


  1. Oo dye rubbing off is not good aha, maybe try washing it to see if that gets rid of excess dye! Also just to let you know they still have the River Island dress that I featured on my blog on ASOS in a few sizes -
    :) x

  2. Dye rudding off. Mmmh something's wrong. Try washing it inside out to get rid of any excess dye. If it keeps rubbing off, throw it away. It might be even harmful for your skin and cause an allergic reaction :) you never know :) i don't think so though :)