Everything is so shiny and new.

 Well here it is. It's 1.10am in Edinburgh and I have decided to start a brand new shiny blog. I've made my way through tumblr but I am getting a bit tired of the same teen struggles showing up on my dash. I'm turning 20 this year and I have enough troubles and do not need to know that "followingthedarkness" is not like the other girls who wear make up and short skirts. I like short skirts and make up makes me look alive. 

So I'm in Edinburgh, studying Acting and Performance and hopefully will have a diploma by June. Fingers crossed! 

My mother tells me that I have an obsessive personality. So I  can easily become engrossed in all kinds of stuff like; films, actors, fashion, fitness, hair, music, coffee, coffee, coffee, food, food, photography and pretty things. I am mesmerised by different cultures but yet to experience any others that British. Speaking of which, I also love tea and biscuits. And cats. Meow.

Don't worry. We're all mad here. It's what makes us interesting. 

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