It's the little things

I got landed with the agreement to swap bedrooms and although I was panicking as to where to put all of my junk, I found space (in other people's wardrobes) and squeezed things on shelves, stuffed clothes in drawers stole the shelf stand from the bathroom. But my most favourite part about moving into this bedroom is that I can personalize it and really own it as my flatmate never did that. I find it's really cosy and doesn't take long to heat,compare to my bigger room which was like an igloo!

I enjoy spending time in this room so much more that I did in the other room. Kind of wish I had this room from the start. Strange that, I remember praying that I would get the big room once my name hit the bottom of the hat. 
But it really is the little things that make this little room work. Hopefully it will be a better environment for me to get on with my work now! 

What is important to you to have in your room? Do you like little bits and bobs like me? Or are you a minimalist with just the essentials?

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  1. I really like you room! (: Especially the lights.
    oh btw your background is really cute too.
    ~Makaela at