Moving day #studentlife #tips

Now we're set up with a beautiful flat, me and my 3 girlies. There is one problem, It has a small box room with 3 others being very reasonably sized.

At the start of our tenancy, me and M (it was only between us for some reason) put our names into a hate, deciding who would be cursed with the box room. M got it. YUUUS!! But then for some unknown reason I decided to swap with her half way through the year. NOOO! And swapping day has arrived. 

I have no idea where I'll put all of my things. However, after browsing through tumblr, we heart it and pintrest, I'm excited to start decorating. I can see lots of pretty mirrors, fairy lights and making most of what I have. I'm good at that sort of thing. 

But I probably will want my big room back. I mean; 


So my tips for students in small rooms is to brace yourself for the worst, so that when you move into wee rooms, like student accommodation or unfair flats, it will never be as bad as you think. Let pintrest and we heart it do the work and get really nice bedding. I know I will be forced to stay in my bed because it takes up the entire space. 

Here are some inspirations I have come across

I'm making sure I spend as much time as possible today in MY room. But I know box room awaits....

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