Film Review: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Directed by Wes Anderson, this film is grand, colourful and quirky, with the grand British humour being thrown in throughout. The film is told through a young writers story which leads to the Lobby Boy telling him the story from the 1930s. Anderson makes great use of theatrical framing devices such as miniature stages and chapter titles. Everything is precise and clean. 

Ralph Fiennes plays Mr Gustave, the flamboyant hotel owner who preys on rich older women who stays in his hotel. Fiennes plays the posh quick witted character perfectly with his neat walk and the over used "darling". He takes in the Lobby Boy, Zero, as his assistant which comes in handy when one of Gustave's lovers surprisingly dies leaving him the expensive painting "Boy with Apple". This leads to arguments, theft, chases, prison and more chasing. The scenes are very similar to the 3 Stooges and Charlie Chaplin slapstick. It is the type of comedy that has been lost with the invasion of American films such as the Hangover and Bridesmaids. 

Through the fast paced craziness, the film returns to the now older Lobby Boy crying to Jude Law as he remembers the great losses in his life. The film touches on some deep and loving moments and bonds are made and broken. However it does not last long as the prison alarm sounds and Gustave and Zero run to escape. The film seems to get more and more ridiculous as a chase scene between the assassin on skis and Gustave and Zero on a sledge jump over hills and cliffs. There are appearance from Bill Murray and Owen Wilson and more through the story but just as the rapid scenes threaten distraction, focus is brought back to the older narrator.

There is a sense of a love story between Zero and Agatha but the focus is more on the bond between Zero and Gustave. That is the most touching part. World War 2 is breaking out which causes problems for them along the way but also gives us a sense of worry as we know that something will happen.

Overall The Grand Budapest Hotel is aesthetically pleasing and with quick witted humour and a dedicated cast it is very difficult not to enjoy it. Be prepared for quirky one lines "shaking like a shitting dog.", fast panning cameras and bright colours. 

Have a wonderful stay at the Grand Budapest Hotel!


  1. ah, yes! i am so excited to watch this film! i adore the colors in this film!

    lindsey louise

  2. Great post, dear)