Film Review: Bad Neighbours

Directed by Nicholas Stoller, you already kind of have an idea about the type jokes are going to pop out like a a giant penis. Bad Neighbours didn't make me question life's meaning but it did leave me with a sore stomach from laughter. 

When a Fraternity moves into the house next to the new parents Mac (Seth Rogan) and Kelly (Rose Byrne), their baby can't sleep and they want to seem all "cool and hip" in front of their new neighbours. They ask Teddy to keep the music from their bouncing party down but not wanting to seem rude they accept the offer to have 1 drink with the college students. Mac and Kelly have a night reliving their youth. One night of loud partying is enough and when the young ones keep the party going for another night, they phone the police. Teddy (Zac Efron) condemns war as revenge. The parties continue. 

Mac and Kelly become a double act of master minds as they plan to get them evicted. Byrne proves that she can perform silly comedy as good as Rogan and they make the perfect pair. They both get their tops off and provide laughs by not "milking" the jokes. (See the film for reference) 

Zac Efron gets his top off too.
 So I'd pay to just see that. He certainly has grown up since High School Musical. Teddy does everything in his power of being President of Delta to keep the party going. Including getting his boys to make dildos. There's a student tip if you're ever strapped for cash. Those boys got a hot tub with their dildo money. Dave Franco plays Pete, Teddy's wing man, who gives an honest performance as he accepts that the party is coming to and end and gets on with his studies as well as partying in the night. 

Teddy, Mac and Kelly are all scared of growing up. Mac and Kelly are forced into it with a baby and Teddy doesn't want his time with the Frat boys to end. Despite the title, neither of these neighbours are bad. Efron does like a party but he plays his role with a warmth and he his just so likeable. It made me want to get a flight to America, party hard and give him a hug. Rogan and Byrne prove that things have a way of working out and to embrace change. 

Personally, I'd prefer to party with some attractive men. 

Go and see it if you need a laugh. There's one liners, air bags, boobs, dildos, strange people and plotting and war. How can you say no? 

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