Interview Outfit


Pink camisole
$42 -

White waistcoat

Hobbs high heel shoes
$150 -

Lipsy gold necklace
$42 -

I had an interview today and this is close enough to what I wore. The blazer is the exact same from New Look. It was to The Dome in Edinburgh which is a fancy shmancy place and I wanted to look the part. 

Black Trousers smarten up any look and with heels gives a sophisticated look. I have a bit of a baby face and anything that makes me look my age is a must when meeting new people. I want to be taken seriously. The waterfall blazer is more flattering for me. I find normal blazers make me look like I have broad shoulders and I don't feel that feminine. This blazer has a lovely light feel and it is so sassy. The shade allows to be put with a lot of other colours and it can just be thrown on in the day to smarten a very casual outfit and put on in the night when waiting for a taxi to take you to the next club. 
A white lace top was my choice instead of a shirt. I felt a shirt might be too formal for a restaurant but the one I wore wasn't too low at all so I still remained professional. 

Until next time... 


  1. Just came across your blog and its amazing! That mulberry bag is just perfect with that pink camisole x

  2. Want all of these! Lovely post xx