Motivational Monday: Be Kind to Yourself

A group of people were asked what they thought of themselves... Please watch... 

After seeing this video (which you totes should watch), I found myself reflecting on how I see myself now as to before. My confidence has found it's way to shine through and if I can do it, so can you. So read on and find your fire!

Confidence is Key!" That's what I'm always hearing. 
But sometimes confidence is harder to get than than a drink on a Saturday night. 

Everyone has hang ups about themselves and it is really difficult to think otherwise. How about instead of looking in the mirror, highlighting every flaw you think you have and walking out the house feeling rubbish, You think of something good to say. It can be as simple as my eyebrows look good today, or, my bum is looking great in these jeans! Ten write it on a post it note and stick it on your mirror. Do that everyday.   

I have had confidence issues growing up leading me to have other issues as a teenager and even now I have anxiety and paranoia. It's difficult to break the habit of looking at myself and not think how big my thighs are or how ratty I look but over time I can see that my thighs aren't big and I can see that I'm a happy person. It goes beyond appearances. I'm kind, I'm smart and sometimes can be funny. I no longer feel like a burden. I look in the mirror and think,  I want to be my friend. Everyone would want to be my friend. You don't treat your friends so harshly so do not treat yourself like that. 

I use to walk down the street, almost in tears, because I was so sure people were laughing at me and saying horrible things. It was exhausting! Through time, therapy and a working on myself  I have learnt to walk with the sun on my shoulders because I know I am fabulous! When people look at me they are thinking daaamn girl! 

There is nothing wrong with self confidence. There is no shame for not having shame. Self confidence gets you through the society we live in now so start being kinder to yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back, a smile, a hug and tell yourself, you are the mother trucking boss. Go and show the world what you are made of! 

You go girl!

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