Thursday's Little Thoughts: Doctors.

Moving away from home means you have to start thinking like a grown up and realising that there are certain things you need to do. Registering with a doctor is one of these things. Seems simple. Well I can assure you it is not. 

The GP surgery in our area have a certain time when a person can register. Between 1 and 4 on Monday. They only take on 10 patients. When my flatmate went to get registered at 1, all the spaces were taken up. This wouldn't have been so much of a problem if she had not been very ill with tonsillitis, the flu and a stomach bug for the past 2 weeks. She needed to see a doctor. The previous week I took her to try and get an emergency appointment during the "open appointment" hours. The receptionist could see she was in dire need of medical attention, looked at her up and down over her cheap glasses (the way they do) and turned her away as she was not registered and didn't offer to register her even as a temporary resident. 

What is going on with our health system? Why is it so hard to get seen by a doctor? Even when you are registered, it is often the case that you need to wait a week before you can get an appointment. How is that helpful? My flatmate ended up having to go to A&E the day after. 

I'm astounded at how difficult it has been for my flatmate to see a doctor. She was so ill she could not get out of bed and almost had to be carried to the car when she went to A&E. It should not be like this. If someone is as ill, a doctor or nurse at the GP surgery should provide help. 

Patients are being registered on a first come first served basis. I understand that you need to get there quick and why they limit the amount of people, but is one day really enough? Looking at other doctor surgeries, it is usually the same case. There are even some where they are not taking on any patients. That means a person will have to find somewhere else to go but "it must be in the catchment area." And if that doctor's is the only one in the correct district...well you're left with NHS 24. Good luck. Get well soon. xx

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