Horray for Holidays

Whether you have finished school, college, university or work; it is coming up to the holiday season! I hear people are going to Italy, Greece, France or America. As for me, I'm off to Ireland on Tuesday. I live in Scotland so I will already be use to the cold and wet weather. It's not your typical summer holiday, I admit, but my grandparents live there so I will be getting fed and spoiled, no doubt. It's a cheap get away and a slight change of scenery for a while. 

But with this trip, comes life's great question; "WHAT TO PACK?!?"

I need all of this, right?

I've been going over to Ireland on my own since I was 11 and have come up with a few tips when packing your suitcase as I have yet to haul my suitcase from under the bed. 

Check the luggage terms and conditions. 
When checking in at the airport, your luggage will be weighed so make sure it isn't over the weight allowance. Using a light suitcase will make things easier, they're a bit more pricey but if you travel a lot it's worth it. I know there is a 50 Euro fee if my luggage is over (Damn you RyanAir). 

Keep it to a minimum 
I'm going away for 10 days and I'll probably go shopping there so I wont need to take 30 pairs of shoes with cardigans to match. I will take 1 pair of jeans, 2 skirts, and 3 tops. I can change the tops around and it gives me plenty of room to make room for new clothes. A black top and purple skirt can be dressed up and dressed down. It's common fashion sense. If you have a spontaneous night out or planned, you can still dress up a day dress or a pair of jeans with some glam accessories and heels.
The clothes I will take will be faaabulous so even though I will miss having options, I know that I will feel great. 

Take 1 pair of pretty flats, 1 comfy pair for walking and 1 pair of heels. I'm debating on the heel thing as I will be with my grandparents after all and I can't see my Nana staying up til 3 on the dance floor (but who knows!)

Hand Luggage
Hand luggage is your bestie forever. Put your heavy stuff in there. Your thick jumper, laptop, shoes and normal handbag can be by your side for the flight. You're best to use a holdall. It really does HOLD ALL! See what I did there? 
I had a pink leather one but stupidly left it with my mother. A rucksack will have to do. 
Keep your purse and passport on you at all times. It's just smart. 
Don't take your chocka bloc purse, take a small one for convenience. 

Always keep safe, write down times for flights, trains, buses, have your ticket infomation ready and write down emergency contacts. Most importantly enjoy yourself! 

Are you off anyway nice? Comment on any tips you've picked up and let me know!

Let the Sun Shine!



  1. This is such a lovely post!
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    1. aw thanks! Maybe we can follow each other on GFC? x