#OOTD Bohos, elephants and ponchos.

When I hear the word Poncho, I think of knitted tents and Ugly Betty. But when I wondered into TKMaxx, I came across this top which I suppose has a poncho element to it.

 The sleeve are stitched together right at the bottom so it does have sleeves of some sort. At 100% Polyester, it is so light which is great in the summer when vest tops are so tight they stick to you, this makes me feel so free. 

My favourite thing about this top is the wonderful pattern. I have grown an enormous amount if love for this boho style that is in the shops and with my interest in India and their culture growing, the elephants remind me of my travels to come. The feathers are attached to the top and acts as a necklace so no need to find jewellery to match. Perfect! 

Paired with my favourite pair of jeans, I think this is my "Go-To-Summer-Outfit!" 

Let the sun shine!

Until next time...