Work Stuff at White Stuff

I have two part time jobs, one is in retail and one is bar work. I really don't feel comfortable behind the bar, I'd much rather be downing the drinks than pouring them but working in White Stuff is the best job I could ever get as my first job. 

The people I work with are so friendly (as is with the bar) but we all have a connection in some way or another. I have learnt so much in 6 months about retail. Everything is set up for a reason and I really care for the shop and the clothes. The target is for probably 30+ aged but we do get younger people in now and again. The style of clothes are unique and that's why not many people have heard of White Stuff because they want to be different as a brand and not like your typical Topshop or H&M. 

At the start I couldn't imagine anyone wearing the clothes are how they even suited people but after a couple of months I really appreciated them and can now put outfits together and get excited when I get to choose a new uniform. The new line consists of a lovely plum red and I can't wait to get a new top in it. 


This job is what really made my love for fashion grow. I have always been interested in it but I now know that there is more to fashion that what I like. I can appreciate the way a skirt is tailored or how a crazy pattern can help people express themselves. 
I want to keep working in retail or with fashion and I don't think I need to go to university to do that. I can work my way up by showing my manager that I am eager to learn and I care. I just hope I don't have to leave it for a full time job. 

Anyway here is a little taster of what we sell...  


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  2. Looks like a fun job! Love the pictures :) Would love to follow eachother GCF!