A Little Spontanious Thursdays

You know how you get these people that wake up one day and just get a tattoo or wake up in Paris? I'm not one of those people. 

I am the type of girl that likes to have a plan and is scared in case something goes wrong and I might die. Yep. Die. I am that girl. 

Yet, somehow today, my planned day off with Audrey Hepburn films ended up with me returning from a Fringe show, drunk and... with a new peiricing. 


Since deciding that I wanted to pursue a career in acting, I was vey content with my peircings in just my ear lobes (being a blank canvas and laadeedah shit) but today I got the top of ear pierced. I just decided it. I have been thinking about getting done for ages but today I actually did it. I went with my flatmate and we both got it done. I was nervous, freaked out and suddenly got a case of tarets as she put the needle through my ear but it was the most spontanious thing I have done in about a year. I love it.. It is to remind me that this year out is my year. To be spontaniuous and make the most of it in this big bad world. 

Just one peircing at the top of my ear may not seem much to you but to me it's huge. I feel like this has broken me away from the classic "prim and proper" look that I get labled with. 

This year is the year of change and discovery. 

Little Katie