Flower Power.

I've got  the flower power! 

My little Miss Selfridge crop top is back with my White Stuff jeggings. I don't own a kimono but I rooted around my flat mates wardrobe and found this lacey number from H&M. 

This shoes were a steal from a charity shop. Barely worn and so fabulous. I love love love them!! 

And here's the finished project! Ta dah! 

Keep it fabulous with flower power and love, people. This world is falling apart with war and hatred. All we can do here is love. Love others and love yourself. 

Little Katie 

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  1. The kimonos from H&M are really awesome and I would really suggest getting one. They literally last forever. I've had one for a few month now and I wear them very often.

    <3 buildingtheconfidence.blogspot.com