Mad For Mad Men.

I apparently have been living under a rock since 2007 and only just started watching Mad Men last month but "holy smokes" I am in love! Already on season 3, I have fallen in love with the cast, music, costumes and story lines. Set in the 1960s, Mad Men follows the lives of those in the advertising business on Madison Avenue, focusing on the mysterious, but dashing, Donald Draper.

Working in an office doesn't seem that glamourous, but with the sexy secretaries, things get heated up throughout the entire building. It's the 60s so of course everyone is smoking and drinking in pretty much every scene. I suppose it is how the men cope with the stress of work and having affiars and it is how the women cope being houewives to these men. Mad Men shows how different the lives are between the men in the office and the women at home. The times are very different and this show highlights that, maybe exaggerating sometimes, but the show allows us to see the changes in society.

My besties;

Peggy Olsen starts off as just a secretary but through the first two seasons she becomes POWER WOMAN! She makes a point that girls can have brains and work in the mad, fast industry of advertising. I love her! You go girl!

Joanie is the supervisor of the secretaries, she rules the roost and makes sure that everyone knows it. She uses her brains and assets to get what she wants and she can wrap any man around her finger. However, jealousy creeps upon her when she sees Peggy branch out. I like that they did that. Shows that she's human and has flaws too.

Don Draper is just so suave. He can sell anything to anyone and can get any woman he wants without being creepy. Okay, he has a wife who has depression and is stuck in a house all day, but when you're Don Draper, you don't need to worry yourself about that. Don has no family and through the seasons, you find out more and more about his hidden past. And it's a good one.

There is so many issues that are relevant to today as well as the issues from the 60s which really makes you appreciate how things are now. Women's rights, technology, equality, integration and fashion. I love the costumes in Mad Men and what is great is that they wear the same things again so it makes it more realistic. You get a true sense of the characters from their clothes. Joan is the best example there. Her Munro like curves are shown off in red dresses. She can make a statement wherever she goes.

Watch at least the first 3 episodes. You will be hooked.

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