Shopping haul

AS PROMISED, here is my shopping haul from Ireland! Let me hear those leprechauns sing!! 
If you follow my NEW NEW instagram account for my fashiony things (@littlekaatie101), you would have already got a sneak preview. But this is close up and personal (ooh-er). 

Cami Tops: £7 Exhibit
Shorts: 20Euro Dunnes
Jacket: 25Euro Oasis

Here we have 2 sheer, floaty cami tops, a faux leather jacket and a pair of crochet shorts. 

This style of top has broken away from the stretchy, tight cami top we had growing up and it allows freedom of all bellies and boobs! Freedom!! However, I don't have much in the boob department and so none of the floaty cami tops in topshop or river island ever fitted me right. Then I went to Ireland and went to a shop called Exhibit. The tops fit perfectly! Hallelujah! What I love about them is that they can be so casual. You can just float about in them- but stick on a pair of shorts/jeans/skirt and heels, a glam necklace and you are ready to paint the town red!
The tops go really well with my new little black shorts. Being high waisted, they are tight enough to show off my uh..."assets" but not short enough so that my asset is hanging out. I hate that look.
Lastly I move onto my bargain buy! The faux leather jacket from Oasis! It was 60 Euro but I snapped it up in their sale for 25! Can I hear a hell yeah? 

Hell yeah! 


My Latest TkMaxx find! This gorgeous Aztec dress! It is my go-to fit and flare. The hemming is beautiful. My nana bought it for me so I can't tell you the price. She also gave me those yellow wedges which goes perfectly with my new summer dress. 

blouse: Miss Selfridge £42
Crop top: Miss Selfridge £18
Floral Vest: Oasis £18
Lace Vest: Swamp £unknown 

Top of Pops! (Or some other play on words)
When I went over to visit the family, I totally under packed with the full intention that I would come back to Edinburgh with a new wardrobe. So hear we have some delightful tops. The bat-wing floral shirt is cropped but it's baggy so when you move it gives a cheeky flash of a midriff ;). The chiffon material (my fave) is so elegent and I want to wear it all the time!
The pastel crop top is so pretty and if you haven't noticed, I like florals. A LOT.
The bright vest top (which is folded up at the front) is enough colour for the British summer and makes a nice change from my white lace vest top with a flirty cowl neckline, which is on the right. 

I also got new shoes, a gorgeous handbag and those crazy paisley duvet covers! 

Yes. Little Katie was very spoiled by her grandparents and I am so grateful for everything they have given me. So thankful that I wanted to share it with the rest of the blogsphere. My nana has a passion for clothes and shopping (it's genetic) so I think she enjoyed shopping with me too. 

Have you got anything nice recently? Let me know! 

Little Katie 


  1. Wonderful additions! Love the dress! x

  2. Love your blog!
    Great stuff you bought :)

  3. Oh wow! I think I might actually have fallen in love with your Miss Selfridge blouse, love, love, love!!

    Rachel xx

    1. aw thank you! i didn't really like it until i put it on. it's in my Scottish Summer set, take a look! xxx

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