Top Of The Crops.

The Spice Girls did it. Britney did it. We're doing it. I'm talking about the fashion statement that is being seen everywhere. The Crop-Top.

Spice up your life with a crop top.
Honestly, the style has had to grow on me. I first thought it looked...well, stupid. My first thought was; "We're in Scotland. Aren't those girls cold? Let me get them a jumper." 
I soon learned that they can look faaabulous. You can put them together with different jewellery pieces, shorts, skirts and jeans to create a look to suit you. My look has been described as "retro/girly/boho", whatever that means. I like pretty things, I like the 70s and 60s, I love fashion and I love crop tops.

Despite my body confidence issues in the past, I have found myself appreciating that I have a little waist and should show it off. With this in mind, I have accumulated a selection of crop tops.

The thing about these little tops is that
1: They are (usually) cheap.
2: Anyone can wear them.
3: It is about Girl Power!


I tend to wear mine with high waisted skirts. High waisted things are the way forward if you want to rock the crop but don't feel comfortable with showing your whole torso. Let's be honest, the photos I took from Glamour Magazine make it look like we need to have abs of steel and a personal trainer to wear them but I know that I love biscuits and chocolate. The thing about showing just a tiny bit of flesh gives the illusion of a little waist and is oh so sexy. It's just a little taster. (Ooh you teaser!)

It goes back to the saying I keep hearing my friends tell me; "It's all about the confidence." I had a big confidence issue when I was younger and it still can affect me today but put your best heels on and strut your stuff, tell yourself that you are the muthafucking boss and you are. It is about girl power too, for years men have been walking about with their tops off (not always a pretty sight), and now we can walk about without caring to bare with a crop top.

You can add a denim jacket in the day and a floaty, flirty kimono at night, or a blazer to smarten it up. So versatile.

From my wardrobe comes a couple of styles.

Top: Miss Selfridge
Blazer: New Look
Shorts: Primark
Shoes: Primark
Necklance: H&M

Top: H&M
Skirt: River Island
Shoes: New Look

My budget steal! Top: Primark £2
Skirt: Primark: £3

What are your thoughts on crop tops? How do you like to wear your's? 

Little Katie