What Katie Did Next: A Little Pick Me Up.

 How do you get out of a little rut? There are different solutions, mine is making the most of your days, whether it is meeting up with people or just enjoy relaxing watching disney films. Whatever it, enjoy it. Don't worry as much and keep looking forward to a promising future. 

I have had a bit of a lifestyle change since leaving college. When most of my days are filled with working, I have forced myself to make the most of my days off, look at the positives in everything, set goals and become focused.

And Breathe...

Positive Vibes.
 Bar work has been difficult for me as it isn't want I want to do or even enjoy. However it has become easier and the wages pay the bills. I have picked it up quickly and with bar experience I will be able to get a job if  I   when I go travelling. I still work at the shop and will be getting more hours and I still love it. I love the people I work with, the customers and the way I care about the clothes. I have been so lucky to work for such a wonderful company.

Make the most.
If you follow my instagram @littlekaatie101, you would have noticed that most of my OOTD consist of work uniforms so I like the make the most of my days off and dress fabulously. 
"Dress as if you are going to bump into your worst enemy."
I am getting really sick of eating junk food all the time. I don't usually make time to eat and prepare food so I eat on the go and it's usually chocolate. I am going back to my healthy mind, healthy body mindset. Make time to eat and make sure I'm getting my 3 meals a day and fruit and veg. 

Set goals and ACHIEVE those bad boys! 
I have been looking at uni courses and journalism and media have been taking my interest. I want to inspire people, help people and get my little voice heard. I want to be like Dawn O'Porter (have you seen her awesome new tv show?). I want to be a stylist and make people feel good in a new dress with killer heels, then they can go home and read my new column about self confidence. Things are starting to look a bit clearer now and the fact that university courses are appealing to me is a relief. It gives me a new focus and blogging is part of it. 

I am going to contact a little online magazine and ask for advice, an opportunity to give me a taster of writing. It's a goal. I need to work towards it. My writing needs a lot of improvement before I can show a company. 

This year out is starting to look up, I am going to focus on achieving the goals I set. I am not going to procrastinate and I am going to make it. We all are. 

Little Katie



  1. This is fab!
    Great work! Keep thinking and thinking about your dreams and goals and you'll get them! I am a true believer of positive thoughts breed positive outcomes!


  2. Really inspiring post, ambition is the one thing that constantly pushes me to do better. I'm always thinking about the next step, and as a journalism graduate I definitely advise studying at uni. It's an amazing, varied course that you will no doubt love!



  3. I totally agree, this is a great post. I try to do these things but I sometimes I lack the motivation to continue. I got to keep trying I guess haha.

    <3 buildingtheconfidence.blogspot.com

  4. hi dear
    I'm following you now
    keep in touch

  5. Love this!
    'Dress as if you are going to bump into your worst enemy' is a fantastic quote. Another of my favourites is 'You can never be overdressed or overeducated'. I'm always on Pinterest for new quotes to stick on my wall!

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com