Little Pinterest ideas

Good morning, you fabulous people! 
Another very late post and this isn't even the one I planned. How do people juggle blogs and work?? All I seem to have time for is sleeping and working. It sucks! Although the good news is that we are moving flat and this means fabulous decor must be bought.

On the bus to and from work, I find myself scrolling through Pinterest and I wanted to share some pictures that I liked and pinned. 

I feel like my new flat is going to go print crazy and I need to get my hands on some funky lamps! Anyone know a good shop to visit? 

I am so sorry I haven't been blogging nearly enough and I hope to have a fashion post up as soon as possible. 

Right, I'm off to work! 

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  1. I love the mixture of prints in the last one, I can always imagine myself as that person who has a house with way too many quirky cushions everywhere.