Edinburgh Fringe Festival. My Little Review

Prepare to be #UNBORED!

2,183,591 estimated tickets sold (up 12% from 2013!) for

- 49,497 performances 
- 3,193 shows

The Usual View of the Royal Mile

Crowds gather in front of stages on the Royal Mile, people march over the cobbles and I take in the buzzing scene with the mix of sounds. Musicians, performers and entertainers showcase their talents every year at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the city is filled with excitement and people from all over the world.  
As a recent graduate of Acting and Performance, the Fringe Festival is my favourite time of year. Last year I managed to see 15 shows as well as work Front Of House for a show. This year I was limited with my time with having 2 jobs but I managed to squeeze in a few shows for my 4th year "fringing it."  

As I pottered up the cobbles, I could feel the sun on my shoulders. It was scorching hot, people had their sun glasses, lobster sun burns and colourful Hawaiian shirts. That lasted  for about 4 days. And rained the rest. The official facebook page of the Fringe asked if we could sum the festival up with a song, the majority of answers went like; "Why does it always rain on me." 

But luckily that made a lot more people wanted to get off the streets and into venues. 

School edition of Avenue Q 

Busking on Cockburn Street

There was a wonderful atmosphere in the city this month. Whether it was on the Royal Mile or in one of the many venues, there was a sense of camaraderie as there were so many people all in the same place for this festival. The acts on the Royal Mile were fantastic, as if that was their only chance and every bit of energy is thrown into it. Although I felt at times, that some acts under estimated the travel of sound, there was a gospel choir but although their message was good, not many people could hear the solos. I felt bad for them, but with the hustle and bustle, things are bound to get lost.

The heart of The Fringe Fest lies within the Royal Mile. Performers and PR staff will fyler for the whole show run of their show, staying in character and in costume as they grab my attention to sell me a ticket. Not going to lie, any actor that stay in character in the pouring rain on The Mile will get my support and money for a ticket. I managed to see a good number of shows despite working like a crazy. I put it down to the flyers. I always collect enough to turn into wallpaper. 

The Shows:
The Devastated Divorce
The Capone Trilogy: Loki
The Lieutenant of the Innishmore
Lace Up
Hurt and Anderson

I have to highlight "Loki" because it was very entertaining.

 The classic Norsie myth has been transported to the 1930s. I am a big fan of immersive theatre and as the actors gave quick asides to show their reactions, I was captivated. It was wonderful and their new york accents were faultless. The studio had been magically transformed to a 1930's hotel room with trap doors and hidden passage ways. The Jethro Company never fails to impress me. 

Interestingly there was a lot of talk about the up and coming referendum. It seemed to be the hot topic with the public and with the performers. Tourists were interested to here my opinion, since growing up in Scotland, in work and it was great to hear their opinion too. It motivated me to research the debate in more detail. I can say that I am, at the moment, NO. Despite their campaign is a shambles and can see how that pushes people to YES, I have decided that we are better together. But this isn't a indyref post.

What I love about the Fringe Festival is that there are no boundaries. People embrace the arts and everyone seems so happy. It brings people together and I experienced that first hand as I met up with other bloggers, Emily (franklymissshankly) and Louise (lovefromloulou), to do a bit of fringeing. In August, Edinburgh is the city that never sleeps with shows throughout the night and clubs open until 5. The city is decorated in fliers, costumes, musicians, dancers and love. The Fringe Festival is the most magical time of the year! 


Importance of being Ernest in drag

Casually being a statue

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