Welcome to my wardrobe: My wee tartan skirt

Looking through Glamour Magazine, Company, Vogue and Porter, I became very excited with the new season styles. As you can tell from my previous posts I have been spending time on Polyvore creating outfits. For the past week I have been going back to tartan skirts as the staple item for my wish list outfits. I don't know what it is but I love them so much. Tartan is always so popular for autumn/winter and after the referendum (no matter what you voted) being Scottish is being embraced. 

I'm so proud of Scotland and it's enthusiasm through this time. I love the sound of the bagpipes and they always get a funny feeling when I hear them, I love that my grandparents can't understand what the Scots say, it's like a secret language and since living here for 17 years, I can get patriotic for Scotland. Yet, I do not own any tartan. 

Say whaaaat? 

Yeah. I know. 

 I have been on the hunt for a tartan skirt since last year. Last night I spent 3 hours searching the internet for one that I really liked and today the search ended. Today I got my skirt. In the unlikely place of New Look during my lunch break. I tend to avoid it since you can't cross the street without seeing someone wearing something from New look but this skirt fits perfectly and when I wear it, to quote Jessie J, "I'm feeling sexy and free. Like glitter's raining on me". 
Those polyvore outfits can now come to life! 

Skirt: New Look £17.99
Jumper: Primark £12
Boots: h&m £29.99

Polyvore creations 

I like mini skirts, ankle boots and tote bags. A lot. 

I have noticed that I'm posting very similar posts recently and I have to admit it is because I have been so busy. I don't want to leave my blog dormant so I've been updating it as much as I can with little posts like this. I am getting more time off now since the summer is over and work is dying down. Thank god! Keep your eyes peeled for my next post and thank you so much for sticking around. :) Big Hugs and kisses! 

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That's all for now! 

Little Katie 



  1. Love that tartan skirt :) I'm glad Scotland stayed in the union, because it's a really great country and it makes me proud to be British that they're still a part of the UK.


  2. Lovely skirt! I love a bit of tartan, reminds me of home. :) xxx
    Just Emma