Love Your Selfie

We are the generation of social media, hashtags, food photos and selfies. We feel the need the take a photo, post a status or tweet about everything. If it enters our brain, we will let the world know. 

I definitely am one of these people. I am a self confessed social media addict and have been ever since I got Bebo when I was 12. Since then the selfies grew. I noticed my friends doing it first and they looked so pretty. It took me a while to get the confidence to take that first photo and put it on my soical media site. It was a simple smile before bed with two plaits in my hair to tame my mane. 8 years later and I'm still taking selfies. 

Of course, naturally I took a few selfies before writing this post and shared it on Instagram to let everyone know that I was planning a post. Why wouldn't I? 

"@littlekaatie101: Working on my next blogpost. #selfie." 

The selfie is taken by men, women, boys, girls, celebrities and even cats.

 There are several types of selfies too-You've got: 

Smiling Selfie

The Serious Selfie

Group Selfie 

Chin Selfie (My favourtie. Made appropriate by Snapchat)

 You cannot go scroll through any social media site without passing at least 3. Some people post one everyday, as if we have forgotten what they look like, and some post a selfie every other day. Others can post a selfie every now and again when they feel like it. I tend to take a selfie when I feel good about myself and my appearance. You cannot deny that when someone "likes" or compliments your picture, you do get a sense of pride and it does make you smile. 

I know that seeing so many selfies can get annoying. With the social media generation comes the generations of complainers. I use to find myself complaining about it, thinking "oh my god, this girl is so vain." Two days later I will post a selfie captioning, "Off to work." Bit of a hypocrite. Only recently have I really thought about that girl who shares her face with the world everyday and I realised that she has probably taken 30 other photos just to get this one. she swiped through them all, criticising herself, going, "No. No.No. Ew. God, I'm ugly. Ew. Ew. Ew. Oh maybe...No." Then she see's one and takes a chance as she clicks the share button. You go girl! Because she's beautiful and she should share that with the world. 

Hat selfie #selfie

The thing about selfies, is that promotes confidence, beauty and love (Aww). 

We should complain less and compliment more. I have taken to that more now in the past few months. I appreciate the selfies! Thank god people are feeling good about them selves enough to take a photo of their face and share it. There is so much hatred and tension in the world so start seeing the good and brighten up the world with your selfies and compliments. Be proud in your own selfies because you are just as beautiful as everyone else who takes a selfie-that's including Beyonce. It's time to embrace the selfies! 

The celebs do it right.

There is no shame in the selfie. 
My name is Katie and I am a selfie taker. 
At first glance, it might appear a  shallow action but next time you catch yourself complaining about it, stop and turn it into a "You go girl." Appreciate the confidence, the beauty and just be nice because the selfies are going no where. 

And then take a selfie. 


I want you to take a fabulous selfie (because I know you are all fabulous) and tag it, #embracetheface. I want your faces! You are all gorgeous and I want you to share it with the world. Share your shameless selfie! 



  1. I agree with you on "The thing about selfies, is that promotes confidence, beauty and love". Every time I see someone who takes a lot of selfies, I always think 'I wish I had their confidence' :/ Great Post :)

    1. Thanks sweetie :) Well you should promote those things if you believe in it. So go on and take a selfie! x #embracetheface

  2. Fab post! I really like your fun style of writing :D I love a good selfie ;)

  3. Completely agree! You'll notice how most of the criticisms of the "selfie generation" are directed at "vain girls"? Screw that. Let's celebrate the things we love about ourselves.

    Also, about ten years ago, I took a self-portrait every day for a year over on Flickr. For some reason, back then it was an art project. It might have been something to do with the fact that not everybody had cameras. So the attacks are snobby AND misogynistic.

    Also: I love your hat.

    1. "Lets celebrate the things we love about ourselves." This is so true and I say PREACH IT! I might actually quote you on this on another post I have coming. Sorry you got so much abuse but it is just people with nothing better to do than to judge and hate. I want to throw a flip flop at the those people.
      Thanks, I love my hat too :) keep in touch xxx

    2. Thankfully I've never experienced the abuse myself - it's just a general attitude I see online. It's a curse to see everything through a feminist lens ;)

      Please excuse the following spree I'm about to embark on - hurrah for the Facebook group bringing us together! x

  4. I love this post, its so wonderfully put and i completely agree with you

  5. Great thoughts on generation selfie - this is definitely the way to look at them - positively :)


  6. You're right - there is absolutely no shame in the selfie, and I feel real anger towards anyone who says that it has ruined our generation.

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