It's cold and wet in Scotland. Time to get your Parka out!

It's cold and wet in Scotland. Time to get your Parka out!

Tartan dress
$24 -

Bench stretch glove
$32 -

It's 3rd of October, or as the yanks like to say... 

Happy Friday if you have that Friday feeling. But if you are like me and are working day and night all weekend, I say, hang in there. Think of the money. 

September has been a strange month in Edinburgh. It hasn't been cold like the years past and the summer clothes haven't been packed away just yet. Although today the temprature hase dropped and it is bucketing down with rain. My plans for shopping has been postponed and my plans for blogging and selling things on ebay have been picked up. With the British weather being so unpredictable I think you need to have all seasons of clothing near by. Don't ever pack away your clothes due to season. Until it starts to snow then maybe it's time to put your sandals in their box. Blue feet are not attractive. A parka is essential in Britain. It is so cosy and thank god that it is now classed as fashionable. My parka is two sizes to big but I'm going to go down the "It's a statement piece and over-sized clothing is cool." road. It's really because they didn't have my size and I got fed up with looking for a coat so I just grabbed it and thought-this will do. It feels like a duvet and I regret nothing. 

Have you got your winter coat? What's your staple piece for Winter? 

Little Katie 

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