Sick of Celeb Culture

Celebrities can inspire us normal people through fashion, fitness and lifestyles. However they also inspire the front covers of magazines and topics of discussion. Most recently the face of Renee Zellwegger has been the most talked about topic through media, magazine and television. 

Taken from Daily Mail. Left: October 2014. Right: 2001

Everyone has been questioning the transformed face of the Bridget Jones star. She claims that she is living a happier lifestyle and is at peace with herself. Well we can't argue with that can we? Actually, it seems that people can. Through media people have been coming up with theories and a lot of people have been slagging the actor's new look off. 

Yes, she does look different from that picture in 2001 but I know that I look different from 2001 too. Renee Zelwegger does not tend to be in the media's spotlight unlike other actors and she is 45. People are saying that she looks older. Well, duh!
You are comparing her to images of her Bridget Jones days. Of course she is going to look older. So what if she has lost weight, got a tan, had surgery? She's happy. 

To be honest, does it really matter? Why are people getting so wound up by her appearance? How, in any way does this affect us? It doesn't. 

This is what I hate about celeb culture. Magazines throw these trashy articles about celebs looking different or being cruel about what they wear and readers can get so into it that it becomes a hot topic. Can we just take a moment to realise there are bigger things in the world that you could be discussing instead of Kate Middleton's uneven curls. 

I love fashion and I love talking about it but when television programmes counts something of this as news, it makes my blood boil. I don't want see this as "Breaking News." And I'm sure that the celebrities and Royals would prefer not to see their faces with scandals written around it.  When I create my own magazine-which is the dream- I will be looking to celebs for inspiration with their bold and confident outfits and only praise will go to them. Through their deep and meaningful speeches-Sandra Bullock comes to mind- I want to spread their thoughts and wisdom. 

It's time to stop being so shallow and time to appreciate the real work that celebrities do in life, not to their appearances. At the end of the day, they are the rich and famous and will always be somewhat fabulous either way. 

Little Katie

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  1. Yeah I've seen SO many articles, videos etc about her face and it's so boring. It doesn't matter if she got surgery, or whatever, people should be more interested in what she has to say and her acting then her face.

  2. I just saw this on Facebook I mean yes she looks totally different and clearly had work done but it doesn;t actually affect my life and I don;t really care. ha. I'm the same about everything like this it is up to people what they do x

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  4. Finally someone with the same views. I agree, why do the media care? We all change over 13 years. After all, we can't have a young appearance forever. :) xo

    Molly | Molly Louise Blogs

  5. Very interesting post, and I do agree

    Jennifer Jayne xx

  6. I totally agree with everything you said in this post - the media are too quick to judge people, celebrities are normal people at the end of the day and there's maybe personal reasons for why they have surgery/change the way their look- and it's not for magazines to criticise!

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