Happy Black Friday

Black Friday plans

Black Friday plans by katiewilliams-101 

Brace yourself, it's Black Friday! 

Friday 28th of November is also known as Black Friday. Originally from America, it has found its way across the ocean and over to our British stores. Shops discount their stock and us fashion lovers go crazy. Discounts for new clothes and probably a great time to start Christmas shopping.  I can't really justify going on this big spending spree apart from the fact that it's also...PAY DAY! 

So here is my tips on how to handle Black Friday. 

1: Get up early.  
You're not the only one who knows about these discounts and you want to get everything you want. 

2: Plan.
Look on websites, have an idea what you're getting or looking out for. There's a lot of clothes and you do not want to get lost in all of the discounts. 

3: Take the opportunity 
This is your last pay day before Christmas so use the discounts to grab your Christmas pressies. Do the Christmas presents near the start of your spree. I hate it when I do my Christmas shopping mid Decemeber in Poundland. 

4: Keep your receipts!
Ok, kind of a cheeky one. When I go a bit mad on my shopping trips, I buy a ton of stuff, get home and then realise, I actually don't suit that lime green blouse. Working in retail myself, I hate returning, but sometimes it has to be done. 

5: Enjoy yourself and treat yourself.
 You're getting a discount. You can justify it. Happy shopping ladies! 

Little Katie

x x 

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  1. i hope you got many good treats for yourself! i sadly didnt get change to shop this black friday :(!
    lovely post

    JADE|| http://jadenewton-taylor.blogspot.com