Day Dreamers Brunch

So I'm just getting use to this whole "blogger's lifestyle." This lifestyle includes setting time to write posts, take photos, ask people to take photos and go to events. I can tell you that this is very exciting. Suddenly I have been thrown emails and invites all to do with my little blog. Like what the eff?

Earlier this week I was invited to DayDreamer's event in association with Debenhams. It was a chance for Christina to meet up ad meet new bloggers, like myself. I walked, from the freezing cold, into the warmth of the Bonham hotel with a table full of pastries and other yummy treats. I got to meet make up artists from Urban Decay and other bloggers such as Nicole Cocomadeherdoit, Abbie from WhatAbbyloves and Jodi from ALittleBitYoung. I also got to have a well deserved catch up with bloggers Louise from  lovefromloulou, Emily from frankymshankly and Cynthia from skittlisfashion.

Taken from CocoMadeHerDoIt

We were given a sneak peak of Debenham's designer's new lines. I think everyone fell in love with Julian MacDonald's faux fur coat. 

We had plenty of time to chat about all things bloggerish including the bane of our lives, eyebrows, then we got a bit of pampering from the make up artist. I have never used Urban Decay-oh the horrot!0 I know! I know! But I have always been a student so it's been cheaper options which have suited me just fine. So on Friday I was pampered to urban decay's lipstick and eyeliner which did look fabulous. I was shown foundation and primer which I am very tempted to purchase with Christmas money.

Just little me

It was such a lovely morning and I finally got to meet some of my favourite bloggers. I also was given a luxury goodie bag. Oh the perks of being a blogger!
Included was an urban decay eyeliner and lipgloss,a lush timeless candle and a skinny tea trial-that will be happening after the Christmas treats. 

Things are getting very exciting for Little Katie and it can only get better. Onwards and Upwards!

Until next time... 


  1. This looks really exciting. I remember going to my first blogger event and it just felt very surreal like I wasn't really meant to be there haha x

  2. I must have started wearing Urban Decay eyeshadows when I was your age (because back then, being a student meant interest free credit cards with ridiculous limits). 15 years later I have never looked back :) Enjoy! xx