Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to ANOTHER blogger's event. This time it was at a Mad Hatter's Tea Party held in the spectacular White Stuff Edinburgh store. As always, it was lovely seeing the girls again and meeting other bloggers too.

"So what was it like?" I hear  you ponder.

It was fabulous!

There was a huge table full of cakes and wee sandwiches laid out with the glorious March Hare at the end of it. He was just chilling there giving it all-yeah, I know this is great. Welcome to my party.

If the table didn't impress anyone then the shop as a whole definitely did. It is 3 stories high and is decorated beautifully. White Stuff as a company is known for being quirky and the shop reflects it perfectly. I work at the White Stuff store in Leith which is smaller so it is always a treat to see George Street's store.

We had a sneak peak of Santa's gingerbread grotto. It really did look good enough to eat. Seeing the shop all Christmassy made me want to be a little kid again to get that buzz from seeing Santa-now at the age of 20, the only buzz I get is when I have a day off work. Sigh.

Yet saying that, the changing rooms gave us the perfect opportunity to go wild and play around like kids-let's take a moment to appreciate the White Stuff changing rooms. Literately the cupboards of Narnia, the changing rooms will change the dread of trying on clothes. Each cubical is an old wardrobe with has an individual theme. There's a sea world one-fish tank and real fish included-a disco room, a garden shed, a kids teddy bear room, a tartan room, a Hawaiian one and so many more. There is also a "selfie mirror". I love this. I love selfies and I love that White Stuff is adapting to the times.

not just a garden shed.

Tartan is so in right now.

It was such a lovely event and I thank the staff at White Stuff and the Edinburgh Blogger girls for organising it.

Little Katie

x x 

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  1. Those fitting rooms look amazing such a good idea im going to Edinburgh soon might have to po in and have a little look :)
    Lucy x