Getting into the Swing of Things

I was invited to Swing Patrol's dancing event which in sponsored by KEDS footwear. KEDS are the chosen footwear for swing patrol and only when I received a pair myself, I can understand why.

Here are mine.

I'm not much of a trainer girl but the ones I received are perfect. With the ditsy floral print, they match my girly sense of style and they are very comfy. I have had a problem with finding flat shoes that I can just throw on without hurting my back. Win! 

Swing Dance Ball

It started with a lesson in swing dance. We learnt 3 basic steps of swing dance inspired by the Charleston. I could see why the KEDS came in handy. You have to be light on your feet and quick movements. Tripping over heels is not elegant. Surprisingly. The plimsoles are slim and is shaped to the foot well so the dancers made them look elegant as they span around in their floral dresses. There were a group of dancers from Swing Patrol who danced in a competition and showed us there talent. I was in awe at how they could improvise so quickly and even when they changed partners, their dance just flowed. Music was always playing and everyone got up to dance to put the moves we had learnt into practice. A lot of people already had knowledge of swing dancing whereas me and my friend had absolutely no idea what we had got our selves in for. I tripped over my feet about 3 times and it became very apparent that I lack rhythm. After sitting back and watching everyone else dance away, by the end of the night, I had dragged my friend onto the dance floor and we really got into the swing of things!  

I'm never sure what to do with my face.

There was free popcorn and it was amazing. 

The dancers were just as amazing. 

Me and my friend have decided to take up Swing Dancing with Swing Patrol next year as part of our new year's resolution. It was so fun just something different. I really felt like I had been transported back to "the good old days". Take me back there. 

I wear these to work and have styled them to my wardrobe. 

Little Katie
x x