Welcome to my Wardrobe: The Pleather Skirt

Pretend leather-or Pleather- can be seen all over the high street and catwalk. From a minimilistic pleather panel on a coat to a full leather look on a dress, you cannot escape the trend. Apart from my go-to leather jacket, I had never been interested in this trend that took over every shop. I was always worried in case the garnment looked too fake and cheap but Glamour Magazine recently changed my mind. 

After seeing Clare Danes in a leather skirt, I was determined I was going to get a pleather skirt in my wardrobe. 

From trusty H&M-literately the majority of my wardrobe is from H&M- I found my skirt. 

With a squint mirror, I show you my new skirt. After hastling the sales assistant to pull it off the mannaquin, I knew I had to get it. It had suede pannalling on the top corners where the zips are with gives the skirt such a lovely finishing. It's quite thin so I'm hoping I can get away with it in spring too. 

In the same week I purchased this bag for £20 from H&M. The boss at work has mentioned about wanting to restrain me from shopping on my lunch break. Whoops. But shopping is cardio and H&M is fairly cheap. 

I went out for dinner and teamed my new kirt and bag with a sheer white shirt from H&M (obvioulsy), a tailoured blazer from Glamourous.com and chunky cut out ankle boots. When it doubt, keep it simple. And then add lipstick. 

Little Katie 
x x 

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