Life Lessons From Carrie Bradshaw.

It's a Saturday afternoon. I am huddled on the couch, cocooned in my duvet watching Sex and The City. It is one of my favourite programmes and I feel like it is quite educational. As well as just "Fabulous!" 

being fabulous in the 90s

I might not be able to relate to the fact that the girls can buy Chanel like it's bread, but I do find myself being enlightened every now and again. So I have made a list of things that I have learnt from Sex and the City. 

1: Every relationship is different. Don't compare yours to someone else's; what works for Samantha definitely doesn't work for Charlotte. 

2: You can never have enough clothes. And make sure you always have enough wardrobe space. Do you think Carrie would be such an iconic character if she wore the same 3 outfits in a series? No.

3: If you want something-go and get it. Carrie got a job at Vogue, Charlotte got her marriage (yes, she changed faith but she was very pro active), Miranda was promoted and FINALLY settled with Steve and Samantha got a lot of sex. 

4: It is absolutely okay to have cocktails at lunch almost every day as long as you're with your friends.

5: Always wear a bra in public. Sorry SJP, but it's really needed. 

6: Even if it's scary, it can be worth letting your guard down for people. 

Miranda and Steve! 

7: Always make time for your friends. Don't let men or work get in the way. 

8: Take a piece of each of the girls. Be expressive like Carrie. Be strong like Miranda. Be classy like Charlotte. Be confident like Samantha.

 Overall, be fabulous! 

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