My week not at Fashion Week

For the past month I have been reading numerous blog posts on "fashion week" and now Edinburgh has got into the trend by holding their own Edinburgh fashion week. From what I have been reading, it looks fabulous! 
Now, I'm not a jealous person, but when I see my instagram feed overflowing with catwalk pics as it happens, I feel slightly miffed that I wasn't there. 

This post goes out to everyone who hasn't spent at least a day at Fashion Week, Hold your hands up! I'm sure you've had a great week even so. 

I have been having some cheeky ciders and vodkas with the girls and the boyfriend which means obviously dressing up in my favourite playsuit from I am channelling my inner bohemian with the paisley print, it just called my name when I was scanning the website late one night. The deep plunge neckline was a risky choice, but with trusty tit tape and adjustments, I felt ok. I have started to embrace the smaller things in life-eg my boobs and just appreciate that I don't have to worry about them making an unwanted appearance.

When I haven't been partying I have been chilling in my charity shop shirt.

The training for supervisor at work is well on it's way and I had to calculate...percentages- the big important things! AAAH! There was a moment when I was tempted to just walk out and fly to Mexico and change my name but the manager calmed me down and I finally got the hang of it. Maths was never my strong point. It's really starting to hit me that they're going to leave me in charge of the shop. It's forcing me to think about how to handle situations but I tend to panic easily. That's defintly something I'm wanting to sort out. I just need to chill the fuck out!

So it's been a fun couple of weeks. There was a moment when we were all in the living room. I just looked around and saw all my friends and man laughing. There was so much love and happiness in the room. It feels so great to be in the same room with everyone you cherish. I'd choose that over seeing models on a catwalk any day. 


Little Katie 

x x 

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