A Refresh at Temple Salon

Following on from my previous post, I mentioned that I was set back and quickly bounced back with a "no shit" attitude.

The clocks have gone forward, the nights are bright and it's time for a spring clean. 

Keep smiling

To mark this I decided to get my long curly locks cut. I have always been so scared of hairdressers. My hair is my thing. It's big, it's dark and ever so fabulous. I've lived in Edinburgh for 3 years and I have only ever had my hair cut in the city once. I was always scared that the stylists are just in it for the money (because it's so pricey!) and just make a mockery of my cherished hair.

My friend Emily (FranklyMissShankly) got her hair chopped to a stylish bob and I was ever so impressed with it. She recommended Temple Salon on Fredrick Street. To make the salon even more tempting, they gave me a lovely 50% off since being recommended it as well as giving Emily 50% off too since she was the once recommending it. Can't go wrong with that.

As soon as I walked into the salon I was greeted by Mathew. He is the owner and stylist and probably the most friendliest hair dressers I have met. I instantly felt at eased, one of the girls took my coat, got me a glass of water and then a cup of tea. How lovely.

I explained to Mathew that I wanted to go a few inches shorter and just a bit of a change. He loved my boldness and explained exactly what he was going to do and how he was going to cut my hair. I love that. I might not fully understand how hair works but if the hairdresser knows what he's talking about with confidence and passion then he has my trust. No pressure!

Mathew proved his passion for the hair as he made it clear that he wasn't being rude when he wasn't talking, he was just "in the zone." Perfect for me! I hate forced conversation, which there was none of because everyone there was super easy to chat to. Mathew described cutting the hair as if it was building a house. You start with the foundations then you decorate it with layers and personality. Beautiful. You could tell he went that extra mile for his clients. He went to Gregs for one of them because she said she was hungry. Like, wow.

It was the best salon experience I have ever had. I felt relaxed, invited and part of this little community that seems to have developed over the 2 years Temple has been there. My hair is fabulous too.

Until next time... 

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