Eating Edinburgh: Maison Bleue

Ooh La La! Maison Bleue has been refurbished and its all brand spanking new and blue! To celebrate it's new look and menu, the family run restaurant invited folk, Edinburgh Bloggers being a few, to have a taster of the food and a sneak preview. Take a look yourself...

With a kitschy, quirky feel, the comfy mismatch chairs and little candles; Maison Bleue welcomed us with a friendly atmosphere. They have stripped back the walls to their original stone brick which fits in so beautifully with the historic surroundings of the Old Town. You can't miss the building, it's the very blue one on Victoria Street.With turquoise painted walls, candles, vintage plates and cool lighting, it's a hipsters dream world. Their cuisine explores the tastes of France, South Africa and Scotland. I explored the cinnamon Martini. It went down a treat.   

It was so lovely to have a catch up with some of the girls and great to meet more people from Edinburgh Bloggers. It's so weird how you can follow some people on twitter and have no idea who they actually are. Then you meet them and you can finally put a face to a tweet. I was talking to Lucie about this wonderful "blogging world" that we have stumbled upon through Edinburgh Bloggers. I am feeling very lucky. I have met some fantastic people and fab friends (aaawww). 

Of course, a blogger event would not be complete without a selfie from myself and Ema.

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