A Catch Up Cuppa: New Month. New Chapter

End of another month, start of another and another Brit saying, "Can you believe it's the first of April already?!" 

No.No I can't 

I started this month on a positive note. I've been feeling down over the weekend so I booked a trip up to my home town in Elgin. It's been over a year since I've been back up North and I'm well overdue a visit to my second family. I also got a hair cut to mark my come back after a couple of days of hiding in bed. Hello! I'm back and I'm fabulous! 

It's been an interesting March...

 I found that I got a place at Stirling uni for Journalism and film and media. YAY YAY YAY!
 I mean, it's only number one for journalism in Scotland! I was so shocked. I was a bit overwhelmed and it's scary to think that everything is going to change. I'll have to give up my job, leave my beautiful Edinburgh and life as I know it. Since college I didn't think I would go back to uni. College was such a tough time that it tainted my opinion of education. It's the patronising lecturers that I couldn't deal with. But I'm told uni is very different. So I only have a few months left in Edinburgh and I want to make the most of it. It's time to have fun. I have made a list of my April goals:

  • Be bolder. Bolder clothes, more outspoken. 
  • Eat healthier and start running. With the warmer weather I should be making the most of it. 
  • Save money but treat yourself. 
  • Nights out don't have to be expensive. I remember when I was a student that I could stretch a tenner for the whole night. I should really get back to that. 
  • Meet up with more people. Not going to lie, I am a bit of a flake when it comes to meeting up with people. I either forget or just have the shit can't be bothered attitude. What rubbish! I'll sort out that attitude. 
  • That leads onto; follow through with my plans! This is such an important one and links with my goals. I need to follow through! 

So come on April, I'm ready for you! 

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